Competition isn't Real [and how to Claim Your Lane!]

womanuntamed May 08, 2019

Have you been keeping up with our podcast!?!? AKA the best free content anywhere, ever. ; )

It's soooo goood. Some of the guests we have booked are ... beyond amazing. I can barely believe it. Suffice it to say it's my version of meeting "celebrities" haha! 

The most magical people on Earth, of course!

You're not going to want to miss these badass downloads and interviews! From yours truly and other truly amazing and wonderful humans. 

This week, though, was especially potent. Sometimes I stack recordings, sometimes I do them on the fly.

This was .. something that had been tapping me on the shoulder. So I let it come in, and I really felt into what needed to be said [as usual].

It's on Competition. 

It all really started when I had an interesting experience seeing a peer at an event...and then proceeded to have her unfriend me etc etc on social media because she felt we were too similar. 

It happens. We get it. We've all felt it!

Is there enough room for all of us [me]?

Am I unique enough? Everyone else is doing what I want to do!

Or worse..

People are straight up copying or trying to imitate you.

Since I've been on the scene for a minute, I decided to tackle this one head on.

You might want to strap yourself in.

It's a lovebomb straight to the heart!

012 - Competition isn’t real.
>>How to Dismantle this Form of Internalized Madness, and Why it Matters<<


Today we’re talking all about the old paradigm of competition and why it needs to be dismantled, stat. Learn how competition came to be a part of our culture and why it will cease to work in today's world. This episode will provide you with the insight you need to unveil yourself from this major distraction, move powerfully towards your soul's mission, and become an active creator of this new consciousness on Earth. ⚔️🔥


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