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sex magick Dec 20, 2019

Sex Magick 101 is open for enrollment.

I'm really excited to be offering NEW content to go along with this as well. These will be added as modules to the course.

Join me LIVE:

JANUARY: King-Making
FEBRUARY: Inner Union, Alchemy, and Open Q + A

These will run 2-3 hours and have plenty of time for questions. The live trainings alone are worth the cost of the course, but you get everything together.

Much of my work in 2020 will be focused on Union [as facilitated within first and foremost], Leadership, and Polarity.

This is a great place to start if you're interested.

Check out all of the details and register here.


And, in case you missed this, it's really worth a read:


You will not call forth royalty when you still commit to self-abandonment, self-loathing, and self-criticism.

Until you make the conscious CHOICE to activate yourself into the HIGHEST vibrational resonance of SELF-HONORING: you will not be receptive or available to Honor.

A Man of such divine potency, his presence moves mountains, he is felt, like an anvil dropping into the room, will not be a match for a woman who is still collapsing in on herself.

If you still contract around being seen, walking in Truth, and honoring your innate Holy Divinity — you will continue to repel what you desire, deep in your bones.

Your choice to ERECT within YOURSELF the architecture of the KING is your CHOICE to BEGIN BEHAVING, SPEAKING, and HOLDING YOURSELF differently.

A God-King does not have time to rescue you. If you are still consciously or unconsciously seeking to be rescued, you are deterring that which you seek.

If, within you, you begin to feel the stirrings, the awakening to what is Essence — the availability within yourself to pull yourself from the addiction you have dreamed into being: your inadequacy, unworthiness, and incapability, then you shall have erected him, as a beginning blueprint.

This is not done with YOUR human energy. It is done through inner resourcing and connection to the PENETRATIVE COSMIC FORCE OF THE UNIVERSE.

Hot, fire, from the Heavens - and beyond.

You yourself must come to slay the dragon of your fears and collapsing, indeed the overlays of your trauma, by "rising" to the occasion.

It is the King which rises.

From this place, the Queen takes her seat in the THRONE of her Sovereignty.

There is no royal holding without first the commitment to what is not royal being abolished, eradicated, transmuted, integrated.

This is the real meaning of BANISHING from the KINGDOM.

Remember this. Walk in this. Hold yourself in this.

Defy your programming, and come alive in your cells.


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