>> FIRE, Boundaries, SALT, and LOVE [plus last chance]

Hi Beloved -
Here's my writing from today -- on Salt and Love and Fire and Boundaries -- and also a little note that today is the last day to receive $100 off CALLING DOWN THE GODDESS [literally the best course I've ever co-created, with one of my favourite people on the planet]



The appropriate soundtrack would have been "where is my mind."

I’d lost it, left it on the side of the road somewhere, between grief and transcendence.

I’d offered my body and vow to a man who couldn’t meet me.

The alarms went off when I met him, and I betrayed myself.

The truth was, when his energy entered me, there was no turning back.

I’d hunted the world for the man that could fully fill me. I’d piece-meal together a dominant man.

One, very skilled at rope, but lacking the style and fortitude I craved. One, devilishly handsome, showering me in delight, but lacking the sense of presence I craved so deeply. One, penetrating me with words, with glances, with energy, unable to root down on the physical plane.

And by hunted, I mean I activated the erotic charge within me so fully, I could make the lights flicker regularly by happenstance.

I let the radiant dew of my skin activate a deep knowing, to call forth the ones in my midst who could meet my desires.

I didn’t do this for them, per se, but my heart has always been calibrated for Union - so as I came through training after training, I expected his manifestation.

(And yes, Internet Tina, I was activating my Union Within. Can’t teach it if you don’t first live it.)

It worked, until I betrayed myself.

My energy was siphoned to the point that the entire right side of my energy body was almost entirely depleted.

I’d been operating in self-protection.

I didn’t lose myself completely. But I lost enough of myself that I completely forgot who I was in some corners.

I became afraid of judgment and criticism. Because I perceived that I had not been enough to stop the terror reigning down upon me, the manipulation, the covert taking, the lying, and of course, my lack of protecting myself while hypnotized.

I stopped being as blatant as usual. Stopped feeling the strength in my own existence. I was thrown about like a soft shell in the wind.

I had given my sense of embodiment over to another human being.

Something I vowed I would never do. No one could dupe me into this.

Until they did. Until I did.

As I rise from the ashes, I find I have zero tolerance for anything other than full respect and sovereignty.

I pay attention to human behavior.

I am so initiated into covert dynamics now, when I find someone reeks of them, I don’t even waste time deliberating about it.

The Toxic Feminine plays this game too.

She walks as the face of a leader, but has no real ground in real life interactions with other women.

I see it when people stalk me on the internet, like critical comments on things that I write, but otherwise hide.

I reach out to other humans regularly to let them know that I am in support, admiration, and joy at what they are doing.

Because I am not just here for *THE INTERNET*

Sometimes it’s met with a view and a discard.

At a former point in my life, I would have been confused by this.

Now, I have no time. Because the time is up.

My intention is always to lead by example. And sure, I’ll make mistakes, but fuck me if I’ll play at being a dick to other people for the sake of my own self-inflation.

I’m here for unity. I’m here to address the deviations from it.

(Literally, the origins of my business are called THE BABE COLLECTIVE)

I’m here to speak.

As I return to radiance, the judgments come on occasion, and that’s fine.

[She’s half my age! OMG the outfit! Why so SEXUAL!]

They know not where I’ve been to come to this place.

To empty myself out and undulate.

To carry the Serpent Mysteries forth, with every fiber of my being.
To template Hieros Gamos.
To heal the true Sisterhood, to revere and exalt the Brotherhood,and to dissolve and cut through what displeases me in my own space and beyond.

To restore things like opulence, manners, to their rightful place on the Throne.

And, for the record, it’s true — you can be Salty and Refined.

If you aren’t in the ring with the dragons, I don’t concern myself.

I’m too focused on my own flames.


Salty flames abound, ABUNDANTLY.
Literally, this method of writing and speaking, from my soul, is the reason for my "abundance" and continual stream of support.
If you are looking for encouragement and how-to in regards to showing up AS YOURSELF -- this is it babe.
I love ya so much!!

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