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Uncategorized Aug 01, 2019

Last weekend I landed in San Francisco. I literally flew there for a photo shoot. Add that to the list of things I never thought I would say, but thoroughly enjoy saying. 

[Because you get to build your life....and shine your light....]

Flew First Class, got to my suite at the Hotel I was staying in, to discover stained sheets.

And not like, oh someone maybe spilled a tea...

Proper stains. Didn't know what they were. Didn't want to, lol. 

So I walked my Queen legs down to the front desk and was like...

Umm no. [Not those words, definitely that energy.]

They offered me breakfast vouchers [this was a luxury hotel...] and again, energetically, um no.

Old me started kicking in. She said "just accept what they're offering you, be nice, the sheets aren't a big deal, calm down, let it go, you might make a scene."

Thankfully, Future Me is already here, and she put her [sparkly heel] down.

I kept saying no to what wasn't working for me. 

Which thankfully, wasn't a very long list of nonsensical things [breakfast vouchers, waving the "city fee" [an additional fee hotels often add to supposedly cover internet etc] and other random things].

The woman was clearly getting upset with me. So I called her in like a sister.

I said, basically, listen -- imagine you just flew across the country. You're exhausted. You've just gone through a breakup, uprooting your entire life, every emotion imaginable, and you're here despite all of it, to channel your next level.

How would you feel if you crawled into a bed that had stains on it? It's not working for me. I don't accept this. 

She agreed and moved me to a one-bedroom apartment on the 13th floor.

The 13 is the number of the Queen. [And yeah, you were trained to think it was unlucky...]


Do you get it?

But probably, if you're like most of us, you're still saying yes. 

Yes to "it's okay, I'll just stay small, it's fine"

Yes to, "oh god, but what if I make a scene!"

[I implore you. Make a compassionate scene. We're all better for it. The Goddess orgasms infinitely when a woman stands her ground and calls the world to Rise.]

Hold your center and call your future FORTH!

Where in your life are you not standing for the future you that is calling you forth?

The Priestess Jumpoff is currently enrolling, and it will call you into this place.

But you must say yes to yourself, to your value, to your non-negotiable commitment to your own VALUE AND WORTH.

You can't just read about it.

You can't just speak about it.

You have to actually be about it.

Imagine that, haha. 

You're going to have to get UNCOMFORTABLE AND TAKE ACTION.

This is LEO SEASON, after all.

Time to walk your talk, Woman!

Speak, Stand, and Sashay yourself right into the HIGHER VISION.

>>>> The Priestess Jumpoff is an 8 week container and activation that is self-guided and teaches you how to be self-sourced, self-crowned, and self-"made". 

However, there is also a community of other Queens who have taken this journey.

It covers everything from Wealth Consciousness, Sacred Sexuality, Self-Esteem, and Leadership to painting a new VISION and getting clear on what the values of your life ACTUALLY ARE

Like many people, you may not actually know, and this makes it hard to honor your YES and your NO. 

I can promise you after doing this work, you'll have no problem standing your ground...

It's bootcamp in boundaries, sovereignty, and true power.

Will you say yes?

Sign up before doors close!

See ya in there! We're celebrating you already!!!

*cue applause...*


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