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conscious business Oct 03, 2019



If you overtly or covertly still hate men, blame men, disregard men, or emasculate men — you lose all of your power.
For the Masculine within you requires acknowledgment, integration, and yes, love, in order for you to truly walk as a fully embodied human.
Otherwise, your "healing" is an atrophied farce, a shell, a performance.
To walk the Divine Feminine path is not to disregard the King energy - quite the opposite in fact.
And you will feel this. To walk as Priestess, Empress, Queen, whatever archetypal or tangible energy you resonate with, will require you to stalk all of your shadows, go hunting for the places where you are still willingly throwing your energy away.
Your hatred, blame, emasculation of men is also why you can’t hold a container, be decisive, actually change your life, or shift your financial circumstances.
Your penetrative energy is required to support the expansion of your Feminine wiles. To be sustainable, they must function in equal measure, it is simply that we are essenced in a particular way.
For example: I am an extremely "Feminine" being. It is not in my pleasure to be in my mind all day long, constantly making decisions, and driving an empire. However, I strategically operate in this place for certain periods of time, with intensity, devotion, and offering.
Most women I meet have a very immature inner Male, and walk around complaining about "Fuck Boys" and "Toxic Masculinity". I won’t say that these things don’t exist, but I understand that we live in a Quantum Reality, and there is always some purpose behind the magnetism.
They wonder where "all of the good men have gone"
I wonder if they've ever met who lives within them...
Loose Masculine energy isn’t trustworthy to a Feminine Woman. It feels too fluid, ungrounded, not centered.
A man like this immediately turns us off because it feels like you'd be competing for who holds the "Feminine" [yin] polarity.
Like he'd be rolling on the floor and expecting you to make every decision.
And yet, this is what exists within most women who haven’t done the work to heal their relationship with the Masculine.
They flail around, hoping someone will rescue them, "needing" and "chasing" and being victimized.
Please, do not "chase" anything.
To center your power is to first ground and anchor within yourself and stop reaching outwardly. You will not find anything there, other than more suffering and attachment.
So, just as it is wildly unattractive and unsafe when a Man can’t hold his center, doesn’t know how to direct his energy, be decisive, lead, or create and hold a container — if you can’t do this for yourself, you will continue to see the same results.
You won’t be able to create and move large volumes of energy [money, for a most pertinent example] because it doesn’t have a safe structure to move within. Your energetics also are off.
Your potent orgasmic manifestation requires guidance and direction, it is the marriage of Union which takes this to the next level.
You can create from an atrophied place, but it is unsustainable, feast or famine, manic child's play -- and nothing compared to what is possible when you truly do the deep and harrowing work of installing unity templates within yourself.
This is/will be the only way to create this on Earth, as well.
And those of us on the Heaven on Earth/Hieros Gamos timeline will be called into certain resonant experiences in order to untangle such dynamics.
You will meet and engage with the atrophied energy within yourself, as outside of yourself, until you do the work to come into your full power.
[Dated a narcissist or what what you term a "man-child" recently?]
This is where true Quantum Creation can begin.
You must first Know Yourself.
It is then that the keys to the Kingdom reveal themselves to you.
Begin by becoming decisive. Guiding your energy and efforts. Cultivating DEVOTION [the Bhakti of Disciplined Action, Thought, Word, and Energy]. Penetrate into consciousness within yourself and what you experience as "outside" of yourself with CLARITY and INTENTION.
Your discernment will become the hallmark and benchmark for your training in this area.
Be in integrity, and you shall soon meet what you seek.
Hold the polarity, understand it, and it becomes a clarion call for others.
You will be surprised at what magnetizes to you, the ease with which you can relax into your Feminine, and begin to navigate more deeply the human mastery of dancing between the world of form and energy — crossing the threshold, moving past the veil.
If you prefer to be in your Feminine Essence, and it is naturally who you are, this is an important part of the journey. The same is true for those holding a Masculine polarity.
For it is when "the two become one" that you take the throne.

And it begins within.
>> More on ascended leadership and 5D business coming up starting 10.10.
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