Last Call, Queen!

Hi Babe!

This is customary final love note to let you know that early bird entry for CALLING DOWN THE GODDESS expires in one hour!
Why should you care about this "course"?

Well, Sophie and I knew we had to create this as we got more and more questions about not only "how" to write, but "how" to not be afraid to start sharing your gifts.

Truly, we believe your Authentic Expression will "save" you and therefore, the World.

Silence and Shame are the biggest threats to healing in our world.

And I totally understand the fears you might have around speaking up or sharing your story.

Does anyone care?

Will I sound stupid?

Is it just narcissistic to blather on the internet? [lol, I see you]

What if someone I know sees and outs me?

Who's going to judge me?!?!

I'll let you in on a secret.

Everything you desire is on the other side of killing these stories.

They are literally suffocating and silencing the TRUTH of your being.

We can no longer perpetuate self-violence.

All of these questions come from the small self-identity that believes in hiding you at all costs.

It equates hiding with safety.

But actually: the love, friendships, money, life, joy, and healing you desire are all on their way to you the more you RELENTLESSLY SHINE YOUR LIGHT!!!

Full permission.

It gives others permission.

This is me giving you permission!!

I love to see you shine!

[And there's no better season to come out swinging. 2020 here we come!]

The way to get there: is by doing it.




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