Let's talk about Love Addiction

sex addiction Sep 27, 2019

From my desk this morning -

Our culture, our society, our wounding, is perfectly orchestrated to drive people into all forms of addiction.

Especially Love Addiction.

[It often goes hand-in-hand with // is co-mingled with Sex Addiction, or the complex behavioral and neurological patterns therein]

Love Addiction is one of the primary driving forces I see that prevents us from reaching our greatest heights.

It looks like becoming wholly preoccupied with obtaining an experience outside of yourself, a person, a sexual achievement, an identity — and losing track of evolving your own life because of it.

Romance novels are still the top selling books in our world.

Anywhere you look in the media, you will find narratives [overt and covert] driving people towards anything and everything outside of themselves to solve their problems.

But most consistently: romantic and sexual love.

The messages about beauty?

They’re really there with the undertone of, "if you don’t do this, surely you’ll die alone" .

Count how many times a day you see or hear or witness narratives about sex or marriage.

It’s one of the facets of predatory marketing, because our most basic human desire is to feel love, and to experience belonging.

It is primal on the one hand.

And it’s also neurological, as many of us did not receive adequate emotional/physical/nurturing bonding in early life and therefore unconsciously spend our entire lives hoping to complete ourselves through another person, or the random highs we can get from attention.

I feel this is why social media is so addictive for so many too.

"If I perform well enough, get enough love and likes, validation, then I feel good"

"If no one responds, I feel bad"

The constant seeking and searching and needing and longing and romanticizing and self-occupying, is one of the biggest distractions on the market.

Do you know how much art, revolution, and healing could be facilitated if that energy wasn’t leaking into such entanglements?

The world would look quite different.

The truth is, no one should be wasting their hours away longing after some experience or person.

I feel a lot of the Twin Flame narratives bank on this idea of brokenness as well [and I have seen countless others so eloquently addressing this issue].

The dopamine hit received from attention, or finding a new possible love interest, or jumping around from human to human, or sexualizing people without their consent —

It’s all there, keeping you from what you actually desire, and what will fulfill you.

Knowing your own illuminated heart.

I recognize that as a lot of what I share centers on Sacred Union, and comes through as passionate, romantic, even erotic and sexual — this can all be misconstrued.

But make no mistake: it’s about my/the relationship with Spirit.

The one true heart, the one true Union, of "myself" dissolving into all that is.

The Great Mystery.

Just like Rumi, Hafiz, St. Teresa of Avila, when we can become ecstatically moved, and yes, kundalini-vibrating, to the notion that we’re alive and having this grand human experience, as tuning forks for the Wild One, everything else unfolds.

There is nothing to be done. Nothing to change. No way you need to become more lovable or sexually available.

The greatest attainment will likely come when you’re alone.

We need to bounce off of each other in order to individuate, but you do not "need" anything outside of you in order to be fully "evolved".

There are very [very] few humans on the planet right now that have fully mastered Love of Self as Love of God as the path of SOVEREIGNTY. Certainly - I’m still working on it. ;-)

You are your Twin Flame.

You are the greatest romance you’ll ever have.

Your most untamed sexual partner.

The greatest love you can know resides deep within you.

And that emptiness you wish to fill, destroy, hide from at all costs?

It will be filled through the simple and quiet devotional act of listening to what you really need.

And acting from there.

Not your impulses, trained addictions, or perpetually unhinged desires.

They can be thrilling for a moment - but they will still leave you broken and empty, as any temporary lover can.

In the Mystery School teachings, it is often considered an easier path to attain illumination by working with a partner as less effort is required to generate the energy necessary for massive transmutation [something which can be done through partnered sex pretty seamlessly once you understand].

As a solitary practitioner, the stakes are much higher, as you must contain your energy without giving away even a fraction of it, to become wholly devoted to the Light, in such a way that would deter many.

No one became spiritual royalty through taking the easiest path available.

When you can center and contain your light fully in yourself, clear and transmute your energy field, and understand the Beloved Within.. in many ways, you have come into the field of Mastery.

And the field of the Queen.


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