Monday Love Note

Hi Babe!

Let's talk about the S word. Shame. And let's talk about the other one. SHINE.

The first is the myth we work with, the second is the MEDICINE.

Something amazing happens when you give yourself permission to shine.

Your life no longer exists as a revolving door of shame.

Most of us have felt some level of shame about aspects of our existence.

And shame, on the scale of frequency, is actually the lowest we can go.

[The next rung down would be to literally not be alive.]

It’s a huge control mechanism, because if you feel that far away from your God-Self, your illumination in action is disrupted.

The art of loving yourself requires disrupting the barricades of shame.

I believe the best medicine we have for this is being seen in community.

It’s why I love running masterminds, retreats, workshops, events. I truly truly love bringing people together.

I believe we are a family, whether we understand it or not - and we certainly have the tensions to prove it sometimes.

(In fact, in the collective field is where we are mostly working through our family dynamics!)

If you were ever silenced or shut down for being who you are, or chose to silence yourself for survival, or have been in any way shamed: the way to heal is through your voice.

Share your heart. Share your story. Let others see you. Hold your spine up tall, your heart open, and speak from your Soul.

Write the words down. Immortalize you. Your process is precious. It is everything. It is in Service to the Whole as you Heal Yourself.

And the best part? It often results in the unfolding of your True Purpose.

[It did for me, and most people I know on this path with integrity -- 100.]

The abundance, friendships, connection, love, community, prosperity you seek will have a direct connection to how willing you are to put yourself out there.

But first, you must be willing.

[Repeat: I am willing, ready, and able to expand, shine, express, and receive! So it freaking is.]

Our course on writing + speaking + channeling will arm you with the energetic imprint and awareness to get your first pieces of writing into the world, or to wildly expand your reach, or to understand more deeply how to "empty yourself out" and let spirit lead the way.

I believe this is some of the most powerful work there is.

Enrollment closes Friday, start anytime, go deep, go big, be bright.

Check it all out here.

Love ya so much!


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