Multiple Orgasms and Voice Activation [last day]

Hi Lovely!

A story for you.

About the connection between your VOICE, your SEX, and your LIBERATION.
I once was in a very robust entanglement with someone who kept me blindfolded for a lot of our engagements. [We had met prior to this many times, I don't recommend doing this without clear agreements!]

It was...insane, incredible, otherworldly.

Until, it wasn't.

A healing process awoke within me.

A space was created for my body to process something, within a deep space of surrender, with someone I trusted.

Except, I wasn't entirely aware of what was going on.

Adding to this, I was in the throes of a remarkable and wildly expansive sexual awakening. [my 20's were a pretty good time...]

I had taken myself on a DEVOTED healing journey of my internal vaginal space.

Not just my womb itself.

It began because I was tired of only reaching orgasm externally [clitoral orgasms, body-based orgasms that didn't require deeper intimacy], and was wishing, desiring, to deeply feel opened and penetrated by god.

I believe this to be the deepest craving of the Feminine Spirit, and it is not "sexual" in the traditional sense, although it is as well, but primal and eternal.

So, naturally, I set out to teach myself how to do this [like I do with anything else! If I desire something, I create it. End story.]

I bought all of the books, went on retreats, worked with people, invested a F ton of money --

And got my return.

But a curious thing happened as I went along.

I started learning more about the connection between the throat chakra and the sacral chakra. [so many parallels and connections, especially with the cervix, the throat itself, the musculature -- holy WOW! More on this another time.]

Something was welling up within me.

I'd been so sweet and placating.

There was a part of me that really needed to stand up for myself, as a devotional healing process, as healing theater [I love also creating ritual healing theater for others -- we did some of this on the last retreat -- so good], and also because there were some pieces of integrity that had been violated that I didn't address and were building.

So returning to this highly erotic blindfolded agreement -

Everything went as usual.

I received a message that this being was coming by. He requested that I blindfold myself. [He was able to enter my apartment so the flow wasn't disrupted]

This time, I didn't do it.

I let him believe that I did of course, but my body was awakening into some level of liberation I couldn't understand.

It wanted to stare this man in the eyes, and speak.

He was alarmed of course when he walked in, but he said


As if he'd been waiting all along.

And then I expressed emotions I'd been holding in for a very long time.

He received them.

I screamed. I cried.
I did not like that we were not in a full on partnership, and upon realizing this, I cancel clear deleted what was happening.

I felt it no longer honored me, although it did for a time.

When he left,

I was suddenly overcome by an ENORMOUS amount of sexual energy.

Kundalini surged through my being.

I ran to my yoga studio down the street, where I knew there wasn't currently a class [I taught there sometimes, so they welcomed me into the space] and went into a variety of poses I can't explain.

This wasn't the first time this had happened of course, but I liberated myself in a very important way that day through speaking.

Later, in a self-pleasure session, I had my first experience of multiple orgasms. With myself.

It is all connected.

My income went on to increase, along with my confidence, my self belief, and my radiance.

But the key was creative expression.

One. Hundred. Percent.

Beyond anything else that played a role, this was primary.

I could not stop speaking.

It had started with writing. All of it.

It gave me the foundation to speak brazen truths face to face as well.

Or, these days, publicly, to the world.

Without shame.
[Although, it will still come up sometimes]

But my point is this:

No amount of reiki can do for you what opening and activating your own voice can.

Your stories.

Your truth.

What you came here to share.

I so deeply desire for you to experience the PLEASURE AND TRANSCENDENCE that comes when you answer the call.

For you, My Love, are a DIVINE CREATOR.

With some amount of amnesia about who you truly are, which prevents you from just DOING THE THING.

Calling Down the Goddess closes tonight.

I know it will give you the confidence and tools, everything you need, to actively start putting your Divine Work in the world

I want this for you.

I want this for everyone.

I know the healing that is possible when we show up.

So, no matter your resistance, no matter your fear,

The time is Nigh

2020 is here.





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