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Uncategorized May 06, 2019

Hey Lovely!

This New Moon in Taurus vibe is definitely having us feel some kinda way!!
Can you feel it?

So much rebirthing. For me, an energy that has been building up for weeks... MONTHS even.

Huge recalibration. It was all quite subtle at first. But the Taurus energy is all about our earthly pleasures and the way we relate to money, purpose, and... beauty!

For me.. this year has been sheer expansion on so many levels. I am excited about the next level that I'm entering into, and celebrating how diligently I've worked over the last nine months to kick it into high gear.

But... your mind usually doesn't feel like it's "Easy"

Even when we know the way.

Even when the steps are relatively simple.

The learning curve actually of "allowing" and "permitting" yourself to grow beyond what you thought was possible is an edge I've been walking for a while.

Can you relate?

We all have so many protection mechanisms in place that become a pretty seamless part of our identity...and dismantling these brings the greatest growth and abundance... but also..

It is challenging as f**k!

Like, seriously.

It is a training ground!

This is why I always say.. The Universe is your best teacher, and it works through your intuition.

You're ALWAYS being guided to the right next thing.

In my opinion, there's no such thing as "moving backwards" or even "failing".

It's all [eventually, with perspective, ha!] such gorgeous information.

Do you trust that you're always being guided?

Do you have faith in your next right steps?

If not, here are three things I recommend:

1. Have a daily mirror practice. Put your hands on your heart. Look at yourself. And say, in your own words, "I love and trust myself. I trust the Universe to have my best interests at heart, always. I know I am guided. I'm so ready to receive!"

2. Plug affirmations into your phone. One of my fave things is the scheduled messages I have that pop up for me. They always come at exactly the right time. I thought they might get annoying at some point... but nope. They still surprise me and they're always what I need to hear. Plug in what works for you around worthiness, money, confidence, and love/trust/faith.

3. Start looking for evidence of Goodness. it's really easy to notice what is "wrong" and in fact, our brains are programmed to be on the hunt for something to be afraid of. We can shift this programming by conscientiously looking for miracles all day. As simple as the smile you get from a barista, or seeing two people smooch on the subway, or seeing how happy a puppy is running in the park. There is so much to be inspired by, when we get out of our old fear programs. The more you exercise this muscle, the stronger it gets.

What kind of rebirthing are you experiencing?

What I know for sure is that there is already so much to be grateful for, right now. Can you feel it? If not, tune into the tips above, for AT LEAST two weeks to a month... and you will see radical shifts in your life. I mean it. Don't make excuses!


Due to the fact that I am re-branding, overhauling, recalibrating and rebirthing gosh darn EVERYTHING in my life right now..

We're having a spring cleaning sale!

These courses will be pretty much gone forever.

I won't be launching them.

They won't be available on my website.

They may pop in as bonuses with other courses, but basically...

I'm clearing them out!!

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A perfect gift for the transition we're all going through right now.

From me to you.

Five courses for half the price of ONE.

I know I know.


And full of love.

** These are literally disappearing so no, I won't offer this again! Ends Lunar Beltane. Yes, of course, there is a super easy payment plan if you need it.


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