REPLAY and MAGIC inside!!!

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2019

Do you ever just sink down into your being and think -- you know, it might be crazy out there, but in here [my body], it feels so good to know my own magic?

No? Sometimes?

In my opinion, it would be our everyday default, for it is the only way to Thrive in this Modern World.

Yes your superfoods will help you. So will your yoga practice, your moon circle, and matcha latte.

But truthfully, the most potent medicine is coming home to your true self.

Every single spiritual tradition lays out pathways to ostensibly dissolve the "False Self" and return home to the Authentic [or God] Self.

I can't say that all of them are of pure intent but across the board, on a soul level, this is what our desire is.

To experience the dissolving of our human costume and feel fully into our expansive nature!

On this path of Feminine Magick, however, it's important to note that we celebrate both.

We see the body, the mother, the matter, the Ma-Ter [MATERnal], as INTEGRAL in illumination.

And it is the way we must heal now.

Through Union. Of Matter and Spirit. Soul and Source. Human and Divine. 

And so you must come to know yourself as both.

Yesterday I did a whole hour long training on just this. How are we actually out of alignment with ourselves and further distancing ourselves from our Feminine Essenced Power, even when we're talking about EMPOWERMENT?

Join me for a potent mystical and cerebral celebration and journey.

I also have something pretty amazing to share with you! 

We are offering THE PRIESTESS JUMPOFF, my foundational training in the Feminine Arts, for a super accessible payment plan. My intention is to open the doors to as many of you as would like to join. There is no cap on entry. The community is already ready to receive you. There is no start date, you get immediate access, and you can take all of the time you wish for your studies. 

I love ya!


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