The Truth About Feminine Power

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2019

I wanted to write a quick note to you -

Next week, I will be offering an intensive free training.

It is not for the Faint of Heart, but it is for those who hear and wish to heed the call...


Is going to...ruffle some feathers. It's probably the most important information I've ever shared, as I am beginning to address more intensively the Toxic Feminine.

Now, for those who are feeling absolutely abhorrent towards that and like it would be impossible that we are not merely the victims of the patriarchy...

You should probably come! 

But also, I will leave that decision up to your sovereignty. 

There is much to shift at this time back toward a truly healthy culture and society of embodied partnership with ourselves and others.

You might be surprised to learn about ways that you yourself [and others] are often unconsciously participating in forms of Feminine Energy that are not of the "light" as it were.

Including, and especially, in your relationship to Men/Masculine Energy/Masculine Polarity. 

Part of the Priestess Awareness is the integration of UNION within oneself. It is what precludes us, eventually, from giving into any source of external validation that would pit groups of beings against each other.

Especially Men vs Women. 

Are we ready to unpack this, together?

If you understand what this creates in our world... you'd never do it again. 

I hope you'll come.

Integrated Appropriately, this will entirely change the state of your relationships, magnetism, life, health, love, and wealth...for the better.

And that is my intention.

Here is the link to register

Lots of LOVE and see you soon.


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