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Uncategorized Jul 24, 2019


I'm basically falling over myself.

I. Can't. Even!!!!

I've been prepping my outfits for this month like, all year. 

Just kidding!

But I'm a Leo so let's just get that out of the way.

Fun fact, I was actually born on the LIONS GATE PORTAL of 8.8.88.

No jokes. At 4:08pm. How's that for some crazy??

So obviously, I popped out of the cosmic womb to come here and teach a thing or two about how we can possible merge being female ninjas, with sacred wealth unicorns, with fabulous outfit-wearers, with badass white witches, with save-the-earth vibes.

It's my full time job and I'm not complaining about it. 


I was really prompted to do a free training this week! Actually -- it's tomorrow. 

I'm sharing some of my FAVE WAYS to ladyhack your life. You don't actually need to "hack" your life as it's really about shifting your consciousness and behaviors and dissolving your false personality structure, but I guess that's hacking afterall!


What I want most for you is to understand what we all should have been taught from the get-go.

Many of the Feminine Mysteries got nearly obliterated, but of course, they never could be -- so some of us are out here riding our brooms around and spreading the good news that THERE IS ANOTHER WAY

And... it is a lot more fun.


So -- currently -- do you feel like:

You struggle to assert yourself without feeling guilty or needing to constantly explain why you're creating a boundary?

Do you find yourself resenting how much you say yes to?

Are you tired often because you over-give or don't know how to ask for what you need?

Have you experienced a toxic relationship and realized that maybe you had something to do with it? 

Are you still trying to "MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!!!!!" and burning out? 

Have you ever felt like if you changed yourself to be more perfect somehow, THEN YOU WOULD BE WORTHY?


Can't wait to hang out with you and introduce you to my glitter dynamite presentation on THE TRUTH ABOUT FEMININE POWER.

Bold claim: you will leave a different person. 

It's going to be bananas in the best way.

Are you coming???????????

[yes it's free. yes it's going to rule. yes you can absolutely come with kombucha in a wine glass.]

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