Witch History

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2018

The word Witch became a pejorative term when the power of the Feminine was witnessed over the course of History. During the rise of patriarchal religious power, all aspects of the "Feminine" -- including power based on LOVE, not love of false POWER -- were attempted to be eradicated.

Free-thinking women were made to be Fallen Women.

Those who refused to give up their belief systems were, also, attempted to be eradicated.

Ten million women and children, and some men, have been brutally murdered, raped, and tortured under the claim of Witchcraft.

In other words, for protecting herbal medicine, energetic healing, natural birth, Free Will, and the path of the intuitive Heart.

Ten million people [and counting], is more than almost any war in History -- but the War against the Feminine has lived on.

The Witch is not a woman with a wart on her nose.

Nor is she an old Hag -- another way we cast fear on the true wisdom keepers, our Elders, is by making them grotesque.

So if you like your Moon Circles, and your Crystal Collection, and taking your Tinctures --

You should thank the Witches before you for dying on your behalf.

The women who knew how to heal themselves, heal the community, deliver the babies, and defend the Sacred.

We sometimes say, we are the granddaughters of the Witches you couldn’t burn, and we mean it.

Because a Witch is a woman who conjures -- one who knows her own power to Create.

Who commands energy by the will of her word, thought, and deed -- yet, it is so different than the watered down, candy-coated Manifestation that is being taught today.

It requires confronting the self and the Self, and learning to come into inner Union. To step into a heat so strong most would faint at the thought of it.

So maybe next time you’re Setting Your Intentions, or feeling Ostracized for being “Spiritual” -- you’ll think about this.

Millions came before you, and laid the groundwork for you to be here now.

If you do not know the true history of your practices, it's time to study them. Seek out literature, and seek out those who can teach you.

The Fear of the Feminine is being abolished before our very eyes as we rise in numbers, our voices loud.

A Witch isn’t a horrifying Halloween woman. But she may in fact be what is feared the most --

The One who needs no validation.



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