Womb Wisdom and Sacred Union with Sama Morningstar

woman untamed Nov 20, 2019

Womb Wisdom and Sacred Union with Sama Morningstar
The Womb As a Map to Creating a New World

Today we welcome Sama Morningstar, founder of the Womb Centered Healing Temple, for a conversation on womb-centered living. Through mesmerizing story-telling, Sama teaches us why fully embodying our spirit into our biology is the next stage of our evolution. We cover soul purpose, trauma healing, boundaries, desire, and partnership and how they all have deep ties to our womb. This episode will inspire you to stop escaping your body and start living from your womb.

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DIRECT // http://thewomanuntamed.libsyn.com/womb-wisdom-and-sacred-union-with-sama-morningstar

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Sama Morningstar's whole life has been the preparation for this sacred calling to help people of all genders recognize, access, and activate the power of the womb, awakening, healing, and celebrating true femininity. 25 years ago she was in the pit of despair, longing for the satisfaction of sustained intimate relationship, ecologically balanced community, and professional alignment with her soul purpose. With fierce devotion to transforming all of humanity to live according to the principles of deep ecology, she started at the core of her own ecology, her womb, and now teaches others how to do the same.

As the founder of the Womb Centered Healing Temple, an online collaborative space devoted to this process, Sama endeavors to support ever more people to return to a Womb Centered way of life in which we remember the importance of caring for each other and the planet. Listeners are welcome to sign up for the Temple newsletter and receive a free Womb Listening Meditation audio as well as learn more about the upcoming Bio-Mystical Womb 9 Moon Apprenticeship here: Www.wombcenteredhealing.com


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