Robin is a seasoned and intuitive multidimensional healer, offering rites of passage, initiatory journeys, and activations. She is renown for calling women [and men] into regal states of awareness, activating the light body system, and facilitating deep levels of transmutation. 


She works very deeply, in co-creation with you, to create sweeping change. Because she is deeply trauma-informed, and works directly with the Quantum Field, the amount of energy that can move in a single session is quite large.


For this reason, she only takes on a handful of clients per quarter, as the work can be deep and intensive, and to make sure you receive the highest level of support and care possible. 

"Working with Robin has been amazing! 

I was an instant yes to her 6-month private mentorship program and completely trusted my intuition on that - even though we had never met! 

Within 6 weeks of signing on, I made back my investment with a 5-figure pay-in-full client! 

Robin truly walks her talk—her devotion to her priestessing, spiritual practice, and sacred activism is a beautiful model for me to follow as I expand my business and leap into the next level of my leadership. 

Robin's alchemical sessions are deeply powerful and transformative, and now my energy body is highly activated and charged

I feel great and my business is on fire! Thank you, Robin!"

—Jane Astara Ashley, CEO + Publisher Flower of Life Press, Founder, Published Priestess

This work is best suited to those who wish to activate their archetypal awareness and Come into Queen.

This means:

▫️ Activation of the Kundalini energy and advanced clearing and healing techniques

▫️ Transmuting past, dense energy into present power

▫️ Releasing co-dependency and calling forth limitless Creative Power

▫️ Coming into Sovereignty and True Embodied Leadership

▫️ Clearing any Contracts or Agreements surrounding limitation, especially in regards to money and abundance

▫️ Healing the wound of Persecution [the Witch Wound] to Step into Visibility 

▫️ Facilitating Hieros Gamos or the Inner Divine Union [people often call in partnership spontaneously..]

▫️ Healing and Clearing of the Ancestral Lines

▫️ Development of Ascended Abilities [Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance]

▫️ Remembrance of Your Royal Inheritance [An initiatory Principle]

▫️ The Rite of Passage of the Fourfold Illumination

"I remember the first time I reached out to you it was the day after my first ayahuasca ceremony in Peru, which I would classify as a moment in time that I had incredible clarity on my direction and purpose in life.
You had made a post about something related to transformation and rebirth, and it touched me to my core.... 
and as I browsed through all your mystical poetry, your calls for women to reclaim their “wild”, your witch lore, your presence, I thought- This is a teacher unlike any I have known, but most similar to the spirit I just encountered [Mama Ayahuasca]... so I pursued a conversation with you, because my intuition told me there was something special about the opportunity to learn from you... 
and for the record, I will forever be glad that I did.
The first time we actually spoke on the phone, I was at a point where my sexuality was a point of confusion for me. I would masturbate all day, I was dating women I had no interest in, I had tons of fear around approaching a woman who I actually liked...... I felt like the trajectory of my relationships to women was on a downward spiral. 
I also, had never talked openly with anyone about most of the topics that seem routine to me today.
Today I recognize that my relationship with women is, in a way, my relationship to life itself. Today I read about tantra, I meditate, I have ended several relationships that weren’t serving my highest self. Whereas in the past, I would have continued along in them, even though they weren’t truly what I wanted.
Back then I had never heard the words “sacred sexuality” “sacred partnership” “tantric practice” “self abandonment” “self love”... and many other terms, that today, are part of my dialect.
My whole life had been spent pursuing women as a goal, as a trophy to be claimed, as an obstacle to be overcome.....
Today, I view women and femininity as the beautiful life force that gives this world energy. I view the idea of partnership as something that can unequivocally make you and the other person grow more than you would on your own.
You’ve helped me face things.
The work has been mine to do, and I have engaged fully in it, but the benefit of having a woman’s perspective and especially yours, which is trained and equipped, has been incredible.
-Brad N.


This work is largely informed by direct transmissions received regarding the creation of “Heaven on Earth” or the existence of fully realized, spiritually mature humans, who are also deeply in touch with their humanity, Higher Consciousness, and mutual respect for all living things. 


This journeywork also creates a “Death” or letting go of many things. It is not simple “coaching” but a deep and transcendent rebirthing that is for those who are prepared to walk forth wearing the Crown. 

“I am quoting an article about shamanism by Madison Taylor: "A shaman manipulates energy, giving you power where you have lost it and removing misplaced energy lurking within you." This describes Robin to a T. 


Among her many talents, Robin is a close listener with magical superpowers to truly see and hear not just what you're telling her with your words, but also what you've left unspoken. 


I found she could address issues that were lurking around in my subconscious before I was able to fully articulate them myself. 


Another one of her superpowers is the art of knowing when to be gentle and when to tell you to put on your big girl panties--with love and humor and respect, of course--the same way one of your best girlfriends would. 


She gives concrete, manageable advice including specific tasks and she holds you accountable with (again) all the love and humor and respect you would expect from a girlfriend who knows you as well as you know yourself. 


Her commitment to sisterhood and community is unimpeachable.


Thank you, Robin! For all you are and all you do!”

Stephanie D.

Business Coaching and Mentorship is also offered, and is coupled with the Digital School: Conscious Babe Business Academy
Those on the Business Track of study and learning will be required to undertake rigorous studies while having supportive sessions. 

Please fill out the form here to book a session and apply for this work.

12 x 60 Minute Private Coaching and Journeying Sessions


6 x 60 Minute Private Alchemical Healing Sessions


Unlimited Voxer Access M-F


A selection of Digital Learning suited to your Path [Illuminated Leadership, Priestessing, or Sacred Business]




Please note that significant changes in your identity of "Self" occur, as you know, when walking through the fires of transformation.


This work is not for everyone, but those for whom it is for will know based on intuition. 


The first initiation is you trusting yourself and making choices based on inner knowing.


The investment for this journey is five figures, and the return would be many many times that in regards to whom you become. 


Payment plans are available, but the exchange is such that you receive support at a very high level. 


If you are prepared to walk forth, have read this page, and have the means to invest in yourself, please book a chat with me below. 



All payments are securely processed through Stripe. 

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at [email protected].

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