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Uncategorized May 11, 2019


Because she doesn't feel like it's safe to have more, be more, show up more, and claim your happiness and abundance as you birthright.

Can you relate, ?

Have you ever felt like you start committing to healthy lifestyle changes, doing the things you want to do, committing to your business, and out of nowhere...


Ratchet Rachel comes to visit. The part of you that wants to lash out against happiness, success, and joyfulness --

Because deep down?

You don't believe you deserve it or get to have it.

Listen, , we've all met Rachel. We've all seen her antics.

The truth is?

She's your best teacher. She shows up to show you where you aren't yet fully committed to your goals and intentions. Sometimes you'll listen to her, and fall into the emotional rabbit hole.

Sometimes, though, you'll get really brave ---

And take a stand for yourself. 

That's what life really is --

And opportunity to understand...
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Competition isn't Real [and how to Claim Your Lane!]

womanuntamed May 08, 2019

Have you been keeping up with our podcast!?!? AKA the best free content anywhere, ever. ; )

It's soooo goood. Some of the guests we have booked are ... beyond amazing. I can barely believe it. Suffice it to say it's my version of meeting "celebrities" haha! 

The most magical people on Earth, of course!

You're not going to want to miss these badass downloads and interviews! From yours truly and other truly amazing and wonderful humans. 

This week, though, was especially potent. Sometimes I stack recordings, sometimes I do them on the fly.

This was .. something that had been tapping me on the shoulder. So I let it come in, and I really felt into what needed to be said [as usual].

It's on Competition. 

It all really started when I had an interesting experience seeing a peer at an event...and then proceeded to have her unfriend me etc etc on social media because she felt we were too similar. 

It happens. We get it. We've all felt it!

Is there enough room for all of us...

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Remember what is possible for you.

Uncategorized May 06, 2019

Hey Lovely!

This New Moon in Taurus vibe is definitely having us feel some kinda way!!
Can you feel it?

So much rebirthing. For me, an energy that has been building up for weeks... MONTHS even.

Huge recalibration. It was all quite subtle at first. But the Taurus energy is all about our earthly pleasures and the way we relate to money, purpose, and... beauty!

For me.. this year has been sheer expansion on so many levels. I am excited about the next level that I'm entering into, and celebrating how diligently I've worked over the last nine months to kick it into high gear.

But... your mind usually doesn't feel like it's "Easy"

Even when we know the way.

Even when the steps are relatively simple.

The learning curve actually of "allowing" and "permitting" yourself to grow beyond what you thought was possible is an edge I've been walking for a while.

Can you relate?

We all have so many protection mechanisms in place that become a pretty seamless part of our identity...and dismantling...

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Witch History

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2018

The word Witch became a pejorative term when the power of the Feminine was witnessed over the course of History. During the rise of patriarchal religious power, all aspects of the "Feminine" -- including power based on LOVE, not love of false POWER -- were attempted to be eradicated.

Free-thinking women were made to be Fallen Women.

Those who refused to give up their belief systems were, also, attempted to be eradicated.

Ten million women and children, and some men, have been brutally murdered, raped, and tortured under the claim of Witchcraft.

In other words, for protecting herbal medicine, energetic healing, natural birth, Free Will, and the path of the intuitive Heart.

Ten million people [and counting], is more than almost any war in History -- but the War against the Feminine has lived on.

The Witch is not a woman with a wart on her nose.

Nor is she an old Hag -- another way we cast fear on the true wisdom keepers, our Elders, is by making them grotesque.

So if you like your Moon...

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