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conscious business Oct 03, 2019



If you overtly or covertly still hate men, blame men, disregard men, or emasculate men — you lose all of your power.
For the Masculine within you requires acknowledgment, integration, and yes, love, in order for you to truly walk as a fully embodied human.
Otherwise, your "healing" is an atrophied farce, a shell, a performance.
To walk the Divine Feminine path is not to disregard the King energy - quite the opposite in fact.
And you will feel this. To walk as Priestess, Empress, Queen, whatever archetypal or tangible energy you resonate with, will require you to stalk all of your shadows, go hunting for the places where you are still willingly throwing your energy away.
Your hatred, blame, emasculation of men is also why you can’t hold a container, be decisive, actually change your life, or shift your financial circumstances.
Your penetrative energy is required to support the expansion of your Feminine...
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Fierce LIGHT, Fierce GODDESS

woman untamed Oct 02, 2019

Fierce LIGHT, Fierce GODDESS 

An Invitation to Embody the Frequency of the Priestess

Today I am unpacking the journey onto the path of the Priestess. Understand how to work with cyclical time, transmute strong emotion into passion and purpose, and take ownership of your fierce feminine powers. This episode will teach you how to kiss the victimhood good-bye and lead from a place of intention, heart, and embodiment.

Links to listen:

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It is happening again...

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2019


Will you remember?
"It is happening again" she said.

"I feel it within me, expanding, and I don’t know what to do."

The awakening.

The will to dance, to move her hips in unspeakable ways.

The aliveness.

The shame that she felt burning hot in her throat.

The undoing of thousands of years, in an instant, a choice.

The one that says "Welcome."

And beckons the Serpent to swallow her whole.

She who no longer fears death can then be initiated into the deeper mysteries of the Serpent Path — the deep shamanic power, the transmutation abilities, and the raw and primal sexual awareness that comes with it.

The untamable manifestation.

Thousands of years ago, they saw our golden arm bands, and they called us whores.

"Prostituting" ourselves for God, in Sacredness. A sacrament. A holy offering, a disruptive essence, and through-line straight to the Wild Mother, calling us from deep in our bones.

To be so at odds with a culture, as an assignment, as an undeniable path, was to live...
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Let's talk about Love Addiction

sex addiction Sep 27, 2019

From my desk this morning -

Our culture, our society, our wounding, is perfectly orchestrated to drive people into all forms of addiction.

Especially Love Addiction.

[It often goes hand-in-hand with // is co-mingled with Sex Addiction, or the complex behavioral and neurological patterns therein]

Love Addiction is one of the primary driving forces I see that prevents us from reaching our greatest heights.

It looks like becoming wholly preoccupied with obtaining an experience outside of yourself, a person, a sexual achievement, an identity — and losing track of evolving your own life because of it.

Romance novels are still the top selling books in our world.

Anywhere you look in the media, you will find narratives [overt and covert] driving people towards anything and everything outside of themselves to solve their problems.

But most consistently: romantic and sexual love.

The messages about beauty?

They’re really there with the undertone of, "if you don’t do this,...

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DEVOTION is the DOORWAY -- and You'll be Tested

woman untamed Sep 25, 2019

DEVOTION is the DOORWAY -- and You'll be Tested
The Unsexy Parts of Authentic Abundance

Go back in the archives with me today for a deep lesson on prosperity. Everybody wants to take the fast path to abundance, but what they don't know is that it requires navigating discomfort and releasing the victim stories. This episode will teach you how to reprogram yourself out of fear, establish a deep level of devotion to yourself, and enter into your natural state of empowered abundance.

Links to listen:

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DIRECT // http://thewomanuntamed.libsyn.com/devotion-is-the-doorway-and-youll-be-tested

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The Story of Serpent-Woman

gathering of queens Sep 23, 2019


Let us discuss for a moment The One Who Knows Herself vs the Wounded Princess.

A woman who fears her shadow can never integrate into unity, to practice proper alchemy, or to know the rites of the dark mother: complete rebirth and destruction of everything that binds you.

The Princess contorts around, suffocating herself, desperately trying to be nice, to be sweet, to make sure everyone likes her.

She does not have access to her true Self, and walks around emptily hoping someone will see her smile and tell her she is good and pretty, so she can breathe again.

She spends most of her life gasping for air. Hoping she’ll be good enough for an uninitiated man to like her. To get approval from her community. To get kudos for always shining.

She does not know herself, and so, like a chameleon, she changes to suit her environment. Pious, cute, uncomplicated. When confronted with the energy of The Woman Who Knows Herself, she recoils, disgusted. She meets the Hag and the...

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The six figure business thing.

gathering of queens Sep 20, 2019


Honestly, I thought being "internet famous" was the most embarrassing shit in the world.

I didn't even know what that meant.

Like, were these the people who were still hung up on MySpace fame and were carrying it over into something else!?!?

Did they still have scene mullets...

I didn't wake up and decide to be an entrepreneur.

I didn't see someone else make one bajillion dollars and think -- dude! I'm gonna exploit people! For cash!

Actually, I went through a horribly traumatizing breakup.

I couldn't move for weeks.

And my kundalini was going crazy. I would just lay in bed and feel like I was being fucked open by God, sometimes for hours. Undulating. Having visions.

The Divine Mother had been visiting me for a long time. Around this time, she would appear with this insane headdress on, and just cackle. Howling laughter.

At the time, I wasn't afraid, but perhaps confused.

I felt like I was writhing on the floor of death, and somehow, there she was - boisterous.


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What I've Learned About Money

gathering of queens Sep 19, 2019


All of you is WELCOME.
All of you is HOLY, PERFECT, DIVINE.
The ways you learned to change yourself to receive love and acceptance must die, in the rising.
Your LUMINOUS AUTHENTIC SELF is light and shadow. Death and Rebirth. Underworld and HEAVEN. Sex and ART. Expansion and contraction.The CRONE AND THE QUEEN.

The One of the LIGHT with the WILD EYES.
Crowned by her own resurrection,
for she has died to the agenda of silence,
has claimed herself,
and sits at the Throne of Truth - all-seeing, all-knowing,



When a woman finally comes into her wildness: everything is WELCOME.

The shame must die.
Be composted.
Left in a heap with the leaves.
Where we’re going: this will be required.
You cannot hide yourself.
You cannot quiet yourself.
The world has benefitted from this for far too long.
At first: it was intentional.

We took our magic underground to survive.
The burning times came, and we went dark.
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woman untamed Sep 18, 2019

Reprogramming Yourself to Actively Receive

Today I am digging up the archives and bringing out a little gem on abundance. Learn how to release dependency on external circumstances, what surrendering truly entails, and why gratitude will unlock the doors to infinite blessings. This episode will have you realigning with yourself as a creator and shattering the glass ceiling to what you are willing to receive in all aspects of your life.

Links to listen:

ITUNES // https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/woman-untamed/id1452729525?mt=2

DIRECT // http://thewomanuntamed.libsyn.com/activating-prosperity-through-awareness

SPOTIFY // https://open.spotify.com/show/0Da0xVk6pmEy2oQ68jpX3X

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On LOVE and COMMUNITY as Tools of the Revolution <3

revolution Sep 16, 2019

[pictured: two dear friends from HIGH SCHOOL at the wedding of our other best friend from HIGH SCHOOL. Because love and sisterhood will actually change the world. New paradigm Sacred Unions dropping in HOT. And a random guy in the background hahahah]

As you know, Beloved One, our world is going through a strange, powerful, harrowing time.

And I want you to know something:

We have so many tools of revolution at our disposal.

"Weapons" of love, if you will.

Things that were deemed powerless or even heretical.

Did you know, during the burning times, one thing that got you deemed a witch was:

Gathering in Circles.

Of women.

Especially at night.

It is with eternal humble gratitude to my ancestors and all who came before us, that today I freely bare my ankles and refuse any man who doesn't honor me.

That I offer healing services for a living, that I am out in the open with my magick, that I let my voice reverberate throughout the world.

I am perpetually brought to my knees with the awareness of this....

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