BABE, are you coming!?

gathering of queens Sep 05, 2019

Queen -- 


Have you been calling in a Gathering of Queens?

Wanting to spend an EPIC Samhain/Halloween with a bunch of big-hearted new lady friends?


Come out on the other side full of RESPLENDENT JOY!?!

'Tis the season...

And I'm taking you on a journey!!

Please join myself and 13 other incredible human beings in the Blue Ridge Mountains for what will likely be one of the most incredible experiences of all of our lives.


OCTOBER 27th [6pm Start] - October 31st [Noon checkout] [optional evening gathering in Asheville for Samhain]

FLY // DRIVE INTO: Asheville, NC

Retreat includes all meals, lodging, all workshops, group work, and healing.

You just need to get there! We are taking care of the rest.

We are extremely privileged to be staying on 63 acres of blessed and charged land, backed up to 100 acres of national forest. There are abundant rivers, waterfalls, fairy glens, and hiking trails. 

We have multiple fire pits, a huge group...

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WTF is Trauma-Informed ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Part I)

woman untamed Sep 03, 2019

Reenvisioning Business Through the Lens of Trauma

Join me today for an informative lesson on trauma-informed entrepreneurship. Learn why the old-paradigms of growing your business (i.e. predatory and achievement marketing) are a thing of the past and how to shift to a more heart-centered approach. I share tips to help you identify when a client is responding out of trauma and how you can navigate these sensitive places with more compassion. This episode will inspire you to re-examine every facet of your business so you can make the shift to become a more conscious leader.

Links to listen:




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gathering of queens Sep 03, 2019

Gorgeous One!!--

I am so excited I can barely contain myself.
We've secretly launched our SAMHAIN RETREAT! 
Some places have already been claimed, and the Early Bird pricing expires this Friday.

Here are the details:

OCTBER 27 -31st


"Immerse yourself in the beauty and majesty of The Blue Ridge Mountains for private rest and relaxation, solitary spiritual practice, and deep group healing work. Roaring streams, waterfalls, forests, and mountains adorn our 63 acres of land that meld into hundreds of acres of National Forest"

The Blue Ridge Highlands are gentle, rolling mountains blanketed with green forestry and clear blue skies. 

As a part of the Appalachian mountain range, The Highlands once stood as tall as the European Alps and are over 480 million years old, making them the oldest mountains in the world. 

They are a touchstone to the beauty, endurance,...

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Last Call Squad! A Message from Your Headmistress

Beloved Queen --

This is the Final Call for enrollment in this week's flash sale for CONSCIOUS BUSINESS BOOTCAMP.

Ordinarily it's priced at $297, it's definitely worth $497, but it's currently $99.

Which leads me to a note on Intuitive Business that I think we can all relate to.

One of the big "problems" with the imbalance in our world towards the Masculine [distorted, unhealthy, not King energy..] is a lack of vision toward Humans vs Numbers.

Success used to be a game of how hard can you hustle, can you topple the "competition" [lol], how LONG can you work, etc etc

And frankly a lot of people are sick, tired, and barely stringing through life because of this structure and the trickle-down from it.

I believe Female Entrepreneurship is a key antidote and necessary medicine for healing our world. 

Because we come to the table with ninja skills around intuition, deeply feeling and empathy, limitless creative energy [when nourished!], self-care, and respect and reverence for teams,...

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I forgot to tell you..

Hi Beauty,

I forgot to share a quick thing with you!!

[Also -- happy New Moon in Virgo: time to shake stuff up by leaping into your next level! Virgo loves organized action, and is actually the sign which represents the Goddess!!! Fierce Feminine Forward Motion is the name of the game today.]

As many of you may, or may not!, know --

I run an exemplary, exquisite, Academic-Level Business Course and Feminine Mastery Academy called:

Conscious Babe Business Academy

And here's the deal --

I get a crap ton of requests for when it's launching...

And as you may have surmised, that is happening soon :)

What I forgot to tell you..

Is that when you sign up for CONSCIOUS BUSINESS BOOTCAMP [it's $99 until midnight, and it rules] you get to put your investment toward the Academy if you decide to join us. [you will get a code when we open up enrollment]

Because we should all win, in all ways, always! 

[That's the path of the Queen in Business -- not taking, always eyes on the circular path, the Spiral...

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A hidden ingredient, that you won't find elsewhere...

Beloved Queen --

Sometimes I wish to grab people by the shoulders and scream WHAT ARE YOU DOING!



Because I bare witness to how much time is lost, wasted, spent wandering about hoping for validation from somewhere "outside".

People wait to invest in their business or themselves until the money is in their bank account 

Spoiler alert -- you're going to be waiting a long ass time because that's not how manifestation or energy all.

People wait to make decisions to follow what THRILLS them on a deep soul level because they feel that they must be SAFE. 

Spoiler alert: life isn't safe and if you don't listen to your intuition you're harming yourself anyway. It's you betraying you and that's something to be afraid of, Sister Queen!

And here's the secret:

You're not in relationship with yourself.

You have no connection to your inner KING energy.

Therefore you cannot be Queen.

It's a simple impossibility, as the...

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Dear --

The world of FORM can mirror back to us our relationship with the Feminine. 

The Mother is the MATTER.

[She is also the blood and guts of life, the divinity present in all things, the changing of the seasons, the birth and death process of ourselves, of all things, she is the ALL]

The process of BIRTH is calling energy into form, alchemical transmutation which happens in the womb [proverbially speaking, and literally] and is charged by Life Force energy.

It is made possible through the Sacred Union of energies, those which we are bridging within ourselves in myriad ways.

This is also the Alchemy of Sacred Business.

Everyone wants "more money" etc, and it continues to be one of the top selling points for most people's marketing. 

Even if consciously you find it odd, it will lure you in through the process of seducing your lower energetic centers.

Fear. Survival. Desire. Identity. 

But these are distortions of what this energy is really about.


Calling into form...

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woman untamed Aug 27, 2019

An Invitation to Wake Up and Share Your Gifts

Join me today as I ground down the term light leadership so you can align with the energy of your divine gifts and take action on sharing them with the world. Learn about transmuting the energies of rage into passion and hopelessness into creativity so you can be unstoppable in leading the collective consciousness to more peace, love, and unity. 

Links to listen:




If you are staying inspired by the podcast, be sure to subscribe and leave a review! Endless gratitude <3 

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I did a thing! For you!<3

Hey Lovely,
With everything that's happening in the world, it can feel easy to get overwhelmed! Or frustrated. Or angry. Or ... crying on the floor!

I get it. 

For we sensitive folks with woken hearts, it's never easy to come face-to-face with some of the deeper pain this world is experiencing.

Especially because misalignment is never just outside of us.

We always get to examine the ways in which we, too, might be participating. 

I get that it can seriously pull on your heartstrings, beautiful and I'm right there with you!

But this is where we have a powerful invitation into Feminine Mastery.

And the art of Alchemy.

Taking our rage, frustration, grief, all of our emotions -- and transmuting them into creativity, healing, and action.

If you have been hearing the call to FINALLY birth your work into the world [I really can't imagine how you could wait much longer!! Seriously babe.]

Or... to grow your presence!

Because: you deserve to be heard, your contribution is important, and...
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Finding the Hope to Create a World You Believe In

womanuntamed Aug 20, 2019

How to Embody Your Light-Leadership in Times of Darkness 

Join me for a potent transmission on embodying the light during times of darkness. I share why connection is the cure to fear, offer you wisdom on how to to create a world you believe in, and invite you to rise in your role as a light leader and exemplify this magnetism everywhere you go. This episode will reignite hope in your life, provoke you to re-examine where you are acting in separation, and inspire you show up in total alignment with your beliefs.

Links to listen:




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