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sex magick Dec 20, 2019

Sex Magick 101 is open for enrollment.

I'm really excited to be offering NEW content to go along with this as well. These will be added as modules to the course.

Join me LIVE:

JANUARY: King-Making
FEBRUARY: Inner Union, Alchemy, and Open Q + A

These will run 2-3 hours and have plenty of time for questions. The live trainings alone are worth the cost of the course, but you get everything together.

Much of my work in 2020 will be focused on Union [as facilitated within first and foremost], Leadership, and Polarity.

This is a great place to start if you're interested.

Check out all of the details and register here.


And, in case you missed this, it's really worth a read:


You will not call forth royalty when you still commit to self-abandonment, self-loathing, and self-criticism.

Until you make the conscious CHOICE to activate yourself into the HIGHEST vibrational resonance of SELF-HONORING: you will not be...

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DNA Activation, Light Codes, and New Consciousness with Lori Spagna

woman untamed Dec 19, 2019

DNA Activation, Light Codes, and New Consciousness with Lori Spagna
An Invitation to Open the Portals to Your Unique Ascension Codes

Today we welcome Ascension Guide and Luminary, Lori Spagna, on the show for a deep exploration on our dormant DNA and activating our unique codes. Through weaving in science with spirituality, Lori offers crystal-clear explanations and insight on awakening a new consciousness within yourself. This interview will guide you to dive into your personal uncharted spiritual territory and inspire you to pioneer the shift in consciousness on this planet.

Learn more about Lori and take advantage of her offerings at

Links to listen:




If you are evolving with this podcast, be sure to...

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Calling in Kings. Leading Yourself. And Your Feminine Wanting.

sex magick Dec 16, 2019

Here's the deal.

This course is a pre-requisite to some of the deeper teachings around polarity.

I really prefer that everyone gets the education we all should have gotten around cultivating, transmuting, and charging ourselves with Sexual Energy/Life Force.

Sex Magick teaches you how to do this solo, with a partner, and with the intention of sending this magick out into the world to bless all beings.

If you knew how powerful this electricity was, it would radically change your life for the better.

It was true for me.

I have utilized these teachings to heal myriad things with my body, mind, and spirit -- in addition to charging all of my creations with Divine Magnetism.

The course itself is open to everyone. The group calls are for women only, there is one in January, and one in February.

JANUARY: King-Making
FEBRUARY: Inner Union, Alchemy, and Open Q + A

These will run 2-3 hours and have plenty of time for questions. The live trainings alone are...
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Reverse Aging, Sex Magick, and Radical Life Extension

woman untamed Dec 11, 2019

Reverse Aging, Sex Magick, and Radical Life Extension with Laurie Handlers

Utilizing Sexual Energy to Create the Life of your Dreams

We have Laurie Handlers, Sex and Happiness Coach, back on the show for a conversation revealing the secrets of sex magick and radical life extension. She shares her journey into sex magick, explains how to utilize orgasms for potent manifestations, and talks about aging and why it is a choice that we can say no to. Laurie shares her personal success stories that will have you saying yes to pleasure and eager to reclaim your passion for life!

Learn more about Laurie and take advantage of her discounted courses:

Links to listen:




If you are evolving with this...

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Feminine Entrepreneurship and Spiritual Leadership

womanuntamed Dec 04, 2019

Hi Beautiful !

New episode has been released on Woman Untamed ... 

Feminine Entrepreneurship and Spiritual Leadership
Embracing your Feminine Essence to Create Success

Today we are sharing a throw-back interview I did on Sexy Soul Radio with Caitlyn Pasternak about building a spiritual business as a conscious female. We cover the keys to standing out as a spiritual leader, how to create magnetic content, and why sacred union is potent fuel to your success. This episode will give you the insight you need to own your power as the creator of your wealth, success, and legacy.

Links to listen:




If you are evolving with this podcast, be sure to subscribe and leave a review! Xo

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The 2019 Cosmic Queen Holiday Gift Guide + Last Call

holiday gift guide Dec 02, 2019

Hello Gorgeous

I have a treat for you.

Well, lots really.

But this year we have a gorgeously designed-out Holiday Gift Guide, including some of my fave things, low end to high end, for all of the Queens in your life [including yourself!]

You can snag it here.

I promise you'll love it.

I also want to remind you:

You are beautiful.

You are loved.

You survived your family gathering last week [potentially!]

And 2020 is a beautiful year.

Ring in the end of this DECADE by loving on yourself as much as you possibly can.

Create boundaries. Create structure for yourself. Take up a new hobby. Return to your favorite creative practice. Invest in a really fluffy blanket. Get clear on your desires. Cut out toxic thoughts, behaviors, and humans. Look at where you've BEEN a toxic human.

Upgrade your batteries, your mindset, and your heart.

We are crossing into new territory, and the most important thing you can do is CELEBRATE YOU!

As will be revealed over the coming months, false authority is no authority at...

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Creating Sacred Union + A Super Accessible Offering

Hi Beloved

Let's talk about it.

Feminine Leadership is everything: but it can't be atrophied.

That's what keeps us broke, broken, and disempowered.

You need the Inner King.

Everything I have taught from the beginning has been about harmonizing this inner relationship, and the transition from PRINCESS to PRIESTESS.

[And the COSMIC BABE HOLIDAY BUNDLE is five courses to keep you on target, in frequency, and ready to rock 2020 in heels and FOCUS]


It is not a half-in, half-out game.

You can’t hang on to back exits.

Once you give yourself fully to your Mission on Earth, there will be curveballs, but there’s no backing out.

I took actual vows. So have many of you, whether you’re conscious of it or not, to come here and anchor the light.

[Can you feel that?]

But here’s the thing: your fragile human identity construct will be tested every step of the way, until you strengthen it in service to your mission.

You must train...
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Dear Queen.

Rather than getting lost in a hypnotic spiral of metallic yoga pants and miscellaneous kitchen gadgets over the next 4 days, I urge you to put your resources behind your evolution.

Bet on yourself.

After years as an anarchist (I don’t mean that flippantly) who learned to stop "fighting" the system, but to actually disrupt it from the inside, here is what I know to be true:

Your wealth is an extension of your life force.

It is not wrong or bad to desire or have material things. It is how you form your IDENTITY around this process that can create problems.

A revolutionary deep Feminine nature desires both beauty and destruction. That is, the relentless dying off process of what isn’t serving.

On the journey of building your empire, legacy, and impact; you are going to die many times.

In this sense, the metallic leggings will not matter (although to be frank, let us all be well-dressed as we dissolve). What will matter is whether you chose yourself. Placed...

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Some of my BEST Content for $10/Class + Holiday Tithing

Hi Lovely!

The Holiday Bundle is here -- but first, a note on tithing.

This holiday season, 10% of our sales will be going to the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center.

This is the same as last year. And years before, although I didn't announce it.

I feel it's a funny line, because, on the one hand, I want you to know what happens with the resources I receive, and that they are always being shared in this world in a way with Love, in addition to of course allowing me to sustain and support myself and my team as we continue to create healing spaces.

On the other hand, I would feel weird participating in the peak of consumer culture without circulating for good [and I am always circulating for good - but I feel its important to speak up about it. I tithe. A lot. I don't always "announce" it.]

I don't have a problem with people shopping for Black Friday, or for running offerings.

People are going to People.

Some of them might wait all year to gift themselves...
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Man School, Masculinity After #Metoo, and Conscious Relationship with Matthew Solomon

woman untamed Nov 27, 2019

Man School, Masculinity After #Metoo, and Conscious Relationship with Matthew Solomon
Defining the New Archetype of the Empowered Masculine

Today on the show, we have Matthew Solomon, coach and author, for an episode about how the #metoo movement has affected ideas of masculinity and the ways in which men access their power. We cover the shifts men need to make in relating to women, redefine the empowered masculine, and discuss the value of working together versus perpetuating the battle of the sexes. This episode will having you viewing men in a whole new light and ignite within you a deeper understanding of sacred union.

Links to listen:




If you are learning and growing from this podcast, be sure to...

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