A hidden ingredient, that you won't find elsewhere...

Beloved Queen --

Sometimes I wish to grab people by the shoulders and scream WHAT ARE YOU DOING!



Because I bare witness to how much time is lost, wasted, spent wandering about hoping for validation from somewhere "outside".

People wait to invest in their business or themselves until the money is in their bank account 

Spoiler alert -- you're going to be waiting a long ass time because that's not how manifestation or energy works...at all.

People wait to make decisions to follow what THRILLS them on a deep soul level because they feel that they must be SAFE. 

Spoiler alert: life isn't safe and if you don't listen to your intuition you're harming yourself anyway. It's you betraying you and that's something to be afraid of, Sister Queen!

And here's the secret:

You're not in relationship with yourself.

You have no connection to your inner KING energy.

Therefore you cannot be Queen.

It's a simple impossibility, as the one begets the "Other" -- as Union and Polarity are the nature of our Universe.

Perhaps you've strengthened your "feminine" energy but you create no structure for yourself, frequently end up in burnout because you don't utilize systems or strategy, and you just fling your energy about like a wild horse. 

That might be cute for five minutes, but it's not really the definition of wild...or Feminine.

What you CRAVE and DESIRE its to SURRENDER to the SAFETY of KNOWING that it is YOU that HAS your OWN BACK

Through setting yourself up for success.

One of the marks of this is being able to make decisions for yourself.

Not floundering about hoping that your husband, God, your friends, your mentors or teachers, or worse, your Mother, will come to the rescue.

Until you learn to stand for yourself it will be very hard to stand for anything at all [and have powerful momentum behind it]


Not hiding, diffuse, afraid, unsure, insecure energy thrown about like someone's blender is going off the rails [ever gotten your smoothie on the cabinets? lol]

It's time to pull it together and step it up.

One of the ways a woman can train herself to come into true Union and therefore a deeper awareness of how the Universe actually works -- is to stop playing games of a childish nature and unleash her potent energy into the world. 

And with that said, if you'd like to learn what all of this means..

And how I generate well over 6 figures CASH [not sales] EVERY YEAR [not just once, or over an extended period of time] -- a lot of people lie about this and you have to be careful what you read -- and frankly I'm so tired of the women and awakened people of this world being poor and not having the means to influence what we care about. 

The you should probably sign up for CONSCIOUS BUSINESS BOOTCAMP before it closes tomorrow. 

Pull the trigger and bet on yourself, Babe. Otherwise, who the fuck is getting your bets???

Honest question --




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