Activating Deeper Knowing through the Underworld??

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2019

I’m going through some BIG transitions right now! Are you, babe?

Many people are experiencing huge transformation right now and feeling the call to return to the essential self. In the process, you may be feeling like the ground is falling away beneath you.

The energy was building to the Summer Solstice (for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere - below the equator; Winter Solstice). For those of you who feel connected to Earth based traditions and the Goddess Path, you’ve been experiencing a time of:

RECLAIMING your divine priestess EXISTENCE
BECOMING more connected to the natural cycles of your ASCENDANCE

On the Priestess path, increasing your awareness of the potency of the high holidays and aligning yourself with the portals of our seasons are powerful ways to increase your abundance and prosperity. 

Tapping into this time when the sun shines upon the illusion opens the door for you to authentically express who you are, calling you into your full power and an expanded state of consciousness.

This is where you truly experience the power of the DARK Mother which manifests as A CALLING, an aspect of the DIVINE Mother that pulls the wool over our eyes. 

When we enter those spaces of darkness —where we are overwhelmed and our heads and hearts are spinning—we often feel constricted, doubtful, and scared. 

But you can navigate not by what you see but by what you hear—your inner voice, which is screaming at you—

What does my future look like?
What are my next steps?
What are the answers?

Within this time of darkness lies a powerful opportunity: the most sacred and beautiful initiation. 

In the feminine mysteries, we see this as the Portal of the Divine Creation.

All things are born from the darkness of the womb. The divine feminine is known as CHAOS [KAOS], a word that has come to be known through cultural conditioning as negative in nature. In reality, CHAOS is perfectly ordered and beautifully orchestrated. Yet our minds are left reeling and our hearts are left wanting because of our lack of connection to our deepest selves. 

It’s time to make the underworld your friend, babe! Get comfortable in the spiral journey within. Move into your heart and womb and access that deeper knowing to swim in the ocean of life.

Surrender into the experience. The most profound LOVE awaits you, QUEEN!

It is safe for you to unfold into the feminine aspects of self. See the darkness as an extension of the truth of who you really are when you’re in your divine feminine power. The rising from that darkness happens when you are able to—

Find PEACE in the CHAOS

If you’re in a place where life feels Chaotic, not knowing there is a peace that can come to you and a power and deeper message to serve you, then journey with me, sweet Queen. 

This is my call to you to join other super powerful goddesses (just like you — YES, YOU!) on a seriously potent 8-week journey deep into the Divine Feminine mysteries. This is straight-up Divine Mother intervention to re-align you with WHO YOU ARE. Join me in the tantalizing mistressmind, 

Infinite Abundance and Goddess Consciousness here, lovely 👉


Your orgasmic divinity

Your potent sorcery

The FULLNESS of you, as the embodiment of a chorus of walking angels with the wrath of Kali 

This mistressmind is an ACTIVATION. It is a PORTAL. It is a CAULDRON.

Journey out of the underworld with me… Click here for more information babe 👉

Ask yourself this: if you completely trusted your goddess intuition and saw yourself as the embodiment of the divine Priestess you are, what would your life look like, how would it change things, and how would prosperity be showing up in your world?

Blessing and endless love,



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