Are you afraid of your power?

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2019

Something interesting happened when I put my adult self in the driver seat --

And stop letting my wounded child/inner teenager run the show....

[And choose the toxic beliefs, behaviors, and entanglements!!!]

I became the one who understood exactly who she is.


The one who Knows Herself.

Exactly what she is here to do.

Exactly how much she triggers people.

Exactly why the message is important. 

And, while I continually create and receive large volumes of "money" -- I am willing to accept something that most of us are not... until we are.

It's never about the money.

Money -- is not about money.

And we have to talk about it. 

It's about your command of the Universe.

Which begins with your relationship with yourself -- because you are the Universe in motion.

I am much more discerning these days with how my money "flows" because I am acutely aware that it is where I am also allowing my energy to go. 

I cannot vouch for or bank on every leader or program I've invested in -- but I can vouch for and bank on every single decision I've made to invest in myself. And where those decisions have led me. 

Because, literally, it is that act alone, when done with intention, that takes me higher and higher. Everything else is a fringe benefit. 

It's actually the willingness to claim your inherent value and deservingness that instantly changes the path of your life.

I'm rarely out here talking about my income, not because I think there's anything wrong with that, but it hasn't been a primary message for me. But times, they are a-changing. 

More and more I am being pushed to address this topic. 

I've basically hacked an [increasing] six figure income consistently without doing much other than being myself. I have a small team that helps me. I focus a lot on healing myself. I repeatedly surprise myself. The ideas I had about how this would be done were so grossly the opposite that the journey is far less about "creating money" and far more... letting myself, be myself. 

An anarchist. A priestess. A queen. A woman unto herself. 

For so long I let myself flail about thinking the answers were somewhere outside of me --

When really it was just time to show up. 

For myself.

For you.

For the future.

For my ancestors.

Put my money where my mouth is 😂

But also, I've taken a lot of time to study and engage with different aspects of this "industry" and settle more deeply into my own thoughts and feelings about integrity, truth, alignment, faith, and purpose. 

The reality is, the first group program I ever invested in was ten thousand dollars. This felt insane at the time. Nothing said this was a good idea. I was 24. I was deep in student loan debt. I don't have a trust fund. I do not have family members that are able to just "swing me" if I need it. I have me and me and me and me.

And that's great! 

Because I have to be fully accountable to me. 

That program didn't save me or change my life. 

But it taught me exactly what I needed to know, indirectly. It led me to the next right step. 

It polarized me ever-more deeply into the path that I am on.

And when I look back on this, I also understand: the belief that some amount of "money" is "large" is an error, except for the linear brain thinking in terms of numbers. Really, when you start thinking about "exchange" you sort of stop thinking about numbers. What are you willing to exchange for growth? 

Because if we're being real, my growth is worth infinite trillions of dollars to me. When the steps are aligned. When I am guided. 

I truly believe there are no wrong choices. And that experience alone was worth far more than the investment -- because if I want to stay on my path, I am open to any and all doorways which lead me deeper.

Which is to say: If you are afraid to do something to grow your awareness, which has been made clear to you, you are afraid of your power.

You still believe the Universe isn't on your side.

And probably, if your like I was/have been -- you have yet to fully understand that you can trust yourself.

But you can, you should, and you are.

If you don't trust the Universe, do you trust yourself? 

Because they are the same. 

Do you trust what you feel?

Because you have a knowing. 

Do you trust when you are guided?

Because every time you don't listen, you are making it harder than it needs to be. 

And more importantly -- are you willing?

Because your willingness is everything. And it will be tested. Again and again and again. 

And you will call it fate. You will call it something outside of you. 

But it is you, and only you, who Decides. 

Will you claim this power now? 

>> If I could tell you one thing, it would be this: every time you feel that intuitive nudge, and you over-ride it with some "rational thought" program, you are abandoning yourself. 

This is how we end up in toxic situations, how we make life harder than it needs to be, and how we let our fearful programs derail the path of our lives.

The doors to THE PRIESTESS JUMPOFF are closing on Friday, and I want to make sure you are in there if you are meant to be.

This path isn't for everyone but if it's for you -- you will know.

You'll be ready to dive deep, roll up your sleeves, do the work, and walk gracefully as the grown ass version of you who makes her own decisions.

And reaps the rewards.

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see ya in there!




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