Dear Queen.

Rather than getting lost in a hypnotic spiral of metallic yoga pants and miscellaneous kitchen gadgets over the next 4 days, I urge you to put your resources behind your evolution.

Bet on yourself.

After years as an anarchist (I don’t mean that flippantly) who learned to stop "fighting" the system, but to actually disrupt it from the inside, here is what I know to be true:

Your wealth is an extension of your life force.

It is not wrong or bad to desire or have material things. It is how you form your IDENTITY around this process that can create problems.

A revolutionary deep Feminine nature desires both beauty and destruction. That is, the relentless dying off process of what isn’t serving.

On the journey of building your empire, legacy, and impact; you are going to die many times.

In this sense, the metallic leggings will not matter (although to be frank, let us all be well-dressed as we dissolve). What will matter is whether you chose yourself. Placed bets on you. Gave up on the relentless cycle of believing you are unworthy.

Invest in the things that expand your light. This very well may be shoes. But also: invest in other entrepreneurs. Invest in your well-being. Invest in the YOU that hasn’t yet been born.

As you quantum leap, the most important piece will always be the embodiment of a new archetypal energy, one step at a time.

Call forth 2020 you. What is she building, creating, living, pleasuring? What choices did she make to get there? They usually don’t involve restriction - but rather toppling the idea that you should be diminished at all.

Our COSMIC BABE HOLIDAY BUNDLE this year includes resources for everything from your sexual wellness to your bank account. These teachings apply whether you’re in the board room, the bedroom, the corner office, or sitting on top of your kitchen table (where it all started for me 😂). It’s there to serve you in every way imaginable. And it’s for the ones who know where they’re going.

You receive the energetic imprint, academic-level downloads, and clear how-to around how I’ve done my own self-healing and run a six figure biz.

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