Calling in Kings. Leading Yourself. And Your Feminine Wanting.

sex magick Dec 16, 2019

Here's the deal.

This course is a pre-requisite to some of the deeper teachings around polarity.

I really prefer that everyone gets the education we all should have gotten around cultivating, transmuting, and charging ourselves with Sexual Energy/Life Force.

Sex Magick teaches you how to do this solo, with a partner, and with the intention of sending this magick out into the world to bless all beings.

If you knew how powerful this electricity was, it would radically change your life for the better.

It was true for me.

I have utilized these teachings to heal myriad things with my body, mind, and spirit -- in addition to charging all of my creations with Divine Magnetism.

The course itself is open to everyone. The group calls are for women only, there is one in January, and one in February.

JANUARY: King-Making
FEBRUARY: Inner Union, Alchemy, and Open Q + A

These will run 2-3 hours and have plenty of time for questions. The live trainings alone are worth the cost of the course, but you get everything together.

Much of my work in 2020 will be focused on Union [as facilitated within first and foremost], Leadership, and Polarity.

This is a great place to start if you're interested.

Check out all of the details and register here.


And, in case you missed this, it's really worth a read:


In the most primal aspect of her being, a deeply Feminine-Essenced Woman requires profound penetration. Regularly.

It keeps her radiant, wealthy, and supple.

She is not to simply be opened like a flower, but to be destroyed into Nothingness and the realm of Gods.

A craving so deep, so untamable, it migrates its way through shame and suppression and polarity disruption to be expressed in addiction. Cigarettes. Secret Sex. Fifty Shades of Grey.

There are Male beings on this planet who are capable of providing this experience, but vibrationally, to be open to such penetration, goes beyond the PHYSICAL.

The energetic vulnerability inherent in such a co-creation requires a profound opening of the heart, a deep level of trust, and an inherent safety. It also requires that you know how to trust yourself.

A man, a being, who cannot lead himself, cannot lead you toward God.

If he is not penetrating his life, erect-ing his Kingdom, with High Devotional Energy, he will not be able to enter your body or being, to penetrate you fully.

If his energy is unfocused, chaotic, diffuse — it is not harnessed. He does not yet fully understand his penetrative power, or more often, has been shamed and emasculated out of its healthy expression by our culture.

Penetration energy is not just sexual, although it is highly erotic in all of its expressions, if you are generally in a Feminine expression or are deepening this part of you.

One of the first, and most important gateways, is communication. A man who uses clear and direct language, without obstructing the penetration of it, will throw open the gateways of a Feminine-Being. It is leadership in action.

A highly-cultivated Dominant man requires no implements to call a woman deep into her Submission [again, energetically or otherwise]. He is able to create this with his eyes, his voice, his energy. This is the sign of a highly-skilled being. In other words, he could simply glance at you and cause your dress to fall to the floor.

The craving for this goes far beyond gender dynamics to something much more eternal in the psyche. A yin energetic literally desires to be harnessed, contained, directed, penetrated. Focused. Cosmically man-handled.

Therefore, a King of your choosing will have focused energy. He won’t diminish his communications, or his eye contact, with nervous laughter, a barrage of emojis, or unnecessary information.

A being who can fully hold themselves in this way is unafraid of their own Power, their own penetrative ability. They are on the one hand "dangerous" because they hold this penetrative power, and "safe" because they can or will prove or show to you over time, whether they are capable of leading themselves, and therefore you.

Any resistance to "penetration" in all of its forms requires healing not just for polarity purposes, but also because as a Feminine being, you will need to harness this energy in yourself to direct your efforts, get your work done in the world, and pull yourself out of over-extended states of emotionality. It is what allows you to direct yourself, as well.

Learning to be penetrated fully by LIFE itself, by CONSCIOUSNESS itself, and by the eternal Cosmic Masculine Principle [literally the biggest BDE in the Universe…] will support you in how to relate to this manifestation externally without crumbling, sabotaging, or collapsing.

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