Creating Sacred Union + A Super Accessible Offering

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Let's talk about it.

Feminine Leadership is everything: but it can't be atrophied.

That's what keeps us broke, broken, and disempowered.

You need the Inner King.

Everything I have taught from the beginning has been about harmonizing this inner relationship, and the transition from PRINCESS to PRIESTESS.

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It is not a half-in, half-out game.

You can’t hang on to back exits.

Once you give yourself fully to your Mission on Earth, there will be curveballs, but there’s no backing out.

I took actual vows. So have many of you, whether you’re conscious of it or not, to come here and anchor the light.

[Can you feel that?]

But here’s the thing: your fragile human identity construct will be tested every step of the way, until you strengthen it in service to your mission.

You must train yourself to stay focused
, indefinitely, on an outcome that is not materialized in front of you.

This is unshakable faith, the meaning of devotion, and a pathway that can only be made manifest through facilitation Sacred Union within yourself.

Much of leadership is actually Masculine. If you struggle with money, creating programs/containers, holding people in containers/programs, disciplining your time/mind, or betting on yourself:

It’s likely that you’re out of relationship with the King within — and I can bet you’re experiencing it outwardly too. We all do. The Universe is a holographic mirror just showing up with what you’re putting out.

Amplifying your DEEP FEMININE is required. The erotic energy that moves through your body needs to be free and unobstructed, to be appropriately channeled into creation, destruction, healing, and pleasure.


To truly walk as a leader you need both, and you will get to see where you are still in separation consciousness, where you are carrying Mother/Father wounds, and where you are still pointing fingers outwardly, rather than being responsible for becoming the best YOU.

You will be required to let go of who you have though that you are, in order to become YOUR TRUTH.

My intention is always to point you back to this. I don’t provide blueprints to do it my way. I activate and create spaces for you to ACCESS YOUR OWN INNER KNOWING. In my opinion, leadership happens by example, through embodiment. It is felt. Power is not "announced" — it is demonstrated.

Vibrate intentionally.

Get focused.

Get ready.

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