Do you know how Amazing you are?

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2019

It's so potent how we can get sidelined by our old addictive thought patterns. 

Have you experienced this? 

You're floating along, living your life like the Angel-Goddess-Queen-Badass Witch that you are, and something happens.

You get tripped up.

We all do.

But sometimes we get tripped up into...a black hole.

The underworld!

The place our mothers very likely taught us to fear -- just like the big bad wolf in the woods when we're alone. [a strong metaphor for the patriarchy, no?]

But the Underworld is really the WOMB of the COSMIC MOTHER.

When we feel we're being dragged "Down" ...

We're really being dragged in.

It becomes.. a real-time ayahuasca journey called "You Living Life While You Release Everything Comfortable"

Are you in this place, Love?

Or perhaps you have been recently.

Most everyone who is here to do big work has been experiencing some sort of oscillation between big change and also surrendering to the unknown.

I've heard from countless people leaving jobs and places, changing relationships, putting boundaries up with family, finally saying..

No more. 

It's as if the Ancestors are truly stepping in [they are] and aligning us with a remembrance of whence we came...

From the Womb of the Mother.

The place of No-Thing where we are stripped of all "things" to find within the most essential aspects of self.

Depending on your Dharma and life journey -- this can sometimes look like you're pretty much crawling on your hands and knees.

It's a world where we must operate by feeling.

And -- it is the world where we gain our power.

Not through shiny objects, not through perfect photos, not through anything outside of us --

But through the descent within.

But you know what comes next?

Do you?

When you've been PLUNGED as it were, into the realm of no-thing?

It's not the end of your life.

It's the very beginning.

Are you ready to resurrect yourself?

I'm taking a select group of women on a very powerful and potent journey this summer. Enrollment has begun, and early pricing ends on Friday. 

It is an initiation. 
It is a recalibration.

It is a coming-home.

It is:


In other words -- the school you always needed.

It is imperative. Your remembrance. 

Never have I offered such an intensive container [a full 8 week activation/Mistressmind]

I know that exactly the right people will appear here. They always do.

Is this you?

I'm calling you in.

Speak soon!


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