ETHICAL BEAUTY and The Power of SCENT + RITUAL with Greta Fitz

womanuntamed May 21, 2019

How One Woman is Redefining Luxury Beauty and Why it Matters

Today we're talking to Greta Fitz, creator of Ascention Beauty Co., the first self-care fragrance brand rooted in self-love to help you fight fear and thrive. Join us on a conversation about the science behind scent, the undeniable power of intention and purpose, and how she is redefining beauty standards by bringing the highest energetic frequency to all she creates.

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Founder, Greta Fitz, has 20 years of experience as a marketing executive in the beauty and fragrance industry. After coming to a crossroads due to a serious health scare, Greta decided to follow her dreams and become an entrepreneur in wellness and self-healing.

Inspired by her own continuous journey with self-love and self-belief - and seeing in the zeitgeist that she’s not alone in the fight, Greta manifested a brand that would help people heal from self-imposed limitations with the proven power of scent and the healing energy of crystals and called it Ascention. Her goal is to pay it forward to help others ascend and to F.L.Y, a loving acronym for "First Love Yourself."

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