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I'm just gonna be straight with you .

When it comes to your intuition, you're going to do things that scare the shit out of you.

Your YES is going to scare you sometimes!

In fact, scratch that, it's going to potentially make you pee your pants...often. 

Like, a lot!

Because it's so seemingly unnatural in our culture still for a woman to BRAZENLY celebrate herself!

Like, how dare she!

Right? Like that dress you have in the back of your closet...what if you wore it to the grocery store? To get the mail?

What would people say?!?!

Please absolutely do this. You are a, in your entirety, a special occasion.

The same applies when you start to stretch and really "know" your knowing.

I get why people are hesitant to hire coaches or sign up for courses, because to be honest, I've had some shitty experiences myself. 

It is a thing that people present themselves one way on the interwebs, but are totally different behind the scenes.

I'll be honest with you and say vulnerability is 100 my spiritual practice and basically what you see if what you get. I show up with no makeup on, often, I speak my truth, and I'm not afraid to be honest.

I'm not perfect!

But it's lead me to have a really clear honoring of what is right for me and wrong for me -- which is so important.

For any of us who have had trauma of any kind [all of us] it's really important to practice using your body like a dowsing stick -- something which will give you exactly the feedback you need to find the treasure of TRUTH. 

To know your YES, and to HONOR your no.

A no comes and usually you might try to avoid it. This is what we've been taught. This is why consent culture and speaking up is important. It's okay to say no! Sometimes it might trigger other people, or they might take it personally [I have done this!!!! Have you?] but it's such a beautiful reminder for all of us. 

A YES will often stretch you, . You'll see your resistance, your judgment, your flailing about. But you will "KNOW" deep down that you are always in the right place at the right time to make the right choices. 

This is the path of personal sovereignty and something I hope to play a role in restoring on planet Earth -- so we can patter-interrupt our ancestry, and hand down a beautiful world to our children -- and so we can live out our baddest, babeliest lives while we're here!

And that's what has inspired my newest creation - born direct from the flames of my own transformation [it's really good..]


It is not a "Course" per se -- although it is in the contextual sense.

It's an initiatory journey through the energy system, the archetypal system, and the lineages of the Divine Mother. 

It's about reactivating and REAWAKENING your connection to yourself. TO HONOR YOUR YES. And speak your no. 

It's 8 weeks of FULL FRONTAL ALCHEMY -- taking what has pained you and turning it into beautiful passion, creativity, and purpose.

I can say without a doubt that this is an area of expertise for me. It is what I have built my life around. 

So , are you looking for a summer journey with an intimate tribe of ladies committed to their growth, to experience a deeply fulfilling sisterhood and mistressmind? To be a completely different person on the other side? 

We'd love to welcome you in!

Our first early bird training is in just a few days!!!

Those who join early are rewarded with additional healing and learning opportunities, and more time in the space to prepare.

We begin Juy 2nd. On the Eclipse.

Because that's how I do it.

Do you feel a YES? It is for those who know that they do!



Photo by Melodee Solomon


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