I forgot to tell you..

Hi Beauty,

I forgot to share a quick thing with you!!

[Also -- happy New Moon in Virgo: time to shake stuff up by leaping into your next level! Virgo loves organized action, and is actually the sign which represents the Goddess!!! Fierce Feminine Forward Motion is the name of the game today.]

As many of you may, or may not!, know --

I run an exemplary, exquisite, Academic-Level Business Course and Feminine Mastery Academy called:

Conscious Babe Business Academy

And here's the deal --

I get a crap ton of requests for when it's launching...

And as you may have surmised, that is happening soon :)

What I forgot to tell you..

Is that when you sign up for CONSCIOUS BUSINESS BOOTCAMP [it's $99 until midnight, and it rules] you get to put your investment toward the Academy if you decide to join us. [you will get a code when we open up enrollment]

Because we should all win, in all ways, always! 

[That's the path of the Queen in Business -- not taking, always eyes on the circular path, the Spiral Dance, the community rising, together]

Which means it's a pretty risk-free investment, you actually "get your money back" in the form of a discount if you choose to join the full-blown Business School.

Pretty sweet!

So here's what the bootcamp is about:

- What actually is SACRED WEALTH and how do we create it? Aka not feel gross about money, and learn to have a really high vibe relationship with it

- How the F do you actually build an online biz as a sensitive being: boundaries, strategy, structure, devotion, and play

- New Paradigm Leadership and being willing to take responsibility for yourself: you can ONLY lead OTHERS as far as YOU YOURSELF have gone! It's true. And that's integrity. 

To which point I want to say,

It's super important that you have the experience of learning from others along the way, of investing in yourself, and of equipping yourself with what you need to grow.

This means you then hold that energy in your being [EMBODIED] so that when you're preparing to put your own stuff into the world, it's a super clean and clear exchange.

To me this is what integrity is about, alignment. 

Know what I mean?


If you wish to dive deep into the gorgeous waters of CONSCIOUS BUSINESS, Babe Style, you have just a few hours left!

And remember: you get to put your investment toward the Academy if it speaks to you!

Take the leap, lovely! 



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