In Order to Grow -- You Must Let Go!

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2019

One of the most challenging aspects of our transformational journey is the requirement to let go of what must go.

This means people, expectations, aspects of self, firmly held beliefs, sense of safety and comfort, friends, family, really anything is up for grabs!

Recently when leaving a partnership that had become unhealthy, I realized that to truly heal I was going to have to fully let go. Which meant also leaving my beloved dog behind. As he couldn't fit in the car, and has anxiety about travel, I knew that if I was going, I would have to leave without him. The grief was extraordinary. [He is very happy and loved where he is]

But, a few months before that, I had a prophetic dream where the Goddess came to me, and in no uncertain words, said -- you must choose. You will have to release this relationship. 

And I just surrendered to what was in the highest good of all, where everyone, each individual being, would have the highest and best outcome. 

It was agonizing. And it was another lesson in what is "best" for me not being what is best for everyone -- and having to understand and make that choice, rather than sacrifice myself. 

But dreamy beautiful there are many steps like this along the way. They are not to be feared. But there are many initiations of releasing love, comfort, even peace, in order to go deeper.

It is not easy! But it is an aspect of life that we must be aware of as we wish to continue growing, evolving, healing, and becoming more of who we truly are. 

The thing that gets us through these times is faith. Faith that it is all ultimately working out. 

Faith that it will all ultimately be okay.

Faith that the Universe has your back.

But most importantly --

Faith in yourself.

Do you trust what you feel?

Do you trust what you know?

Do you speak up when your boundaries are crossed?

Do you say no, and stick to it? 

The journey of coming into your power is unlike any other, of course, but many of the signposts along the way could be sorely missed if not for guidance from someone who's also done it. 

I've resurrected myself many times as part of my training on this path, and in order to translate many of those teachings into content and programs that serve to take you deeper into confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness, and true healing.

THE PRIESTESS JUMPOFF is one of those, and it is well-loved for a reason.

Born of alchemy, I took the many different areas I had been studying for so many moons, both with my teachers in this realm and others, and condensed them into an easy to follow 8 week journey.

I truly believe everyone should take it. And not just because it's my course and I'm supposed to say that. I really, from the bottom of my heart, wish that we all got this education in loving and healing ourselves.

I believe our world depends on it. 

The doors for enrollment close tonight. 

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See you in there <3

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