It's okay to not have it all figured out...

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2019

It's okay if you don't know what to do.

It's okay if you're caught between "this" or "that".

It's okay to feel messy, to feel confused, and to feel, even, upset!

It's okay to be as you are, how you are.

And the magic is, once you accept this, you are free.

Once you look at yourself with love, these things no longer linger.

But I want to say something to you,

If you're going through an uncertain period right now...

The world doesn't need you perfect.

The world doesn't even need you "happy"

But, the world does need you, and is incomplete without your heart in it.

The Universe has been perfectly designed to include you.

You are important.

And while it really can seem sometimes like life is happening "to" us --

The truth is --

We are badass SOURCE-eresses that know exactly how to triumph over any situation, if we will allow ourselves.

There is a recipe I like, and it goes like this:

Let yourself wallow and feel [1 part]

Put on your favorite music and shake [2 parts]

Sensually Seduce Yourself [1 Heaping Full Cup...make it TWO]

Remember Who You Are [1 Entire Bowl]

Surround Yourself with Good Women [Endless, Infinite, Spoonfuls]

Create, Channel, and Serve with Your New Wisdom [Bake at 375 for the rest of your LIFE!]

This is an alchemical recipe for greatness derived from adventure intuitively making grain-free chocolate chip butter shortbread cookies today [they rule, if you're wondering!!]

My partner usually looks at my kitchen witchery with amazement because ingredients go flying everywhere and suddenly there's a 7 course organic meal -- or we have three random objects in the refrigerator and suddenly I manifest a feast for the ages.

Life is like this.

Change is like this.

YOU are like this -- magic.

No matter what life throws at you: I believe in you and I know you got this.

AND I also know how hard it can feel.

But you know what else I know?

It's all part of your INITIATION INTO QUEEN

It isn't easy --

But ruling and reigning is only for the pure of heart. 

The truest of intentions.

The fiercest of devotions.

Is that you, Beloved One? 

If so, I invite you to join us before Early Bird $500 off pricing ends in 48 hours [plus you get bonus training, extra treats and support for me, and extra time in the cauldron.]

I've never created anything like this.

I'm excited beyond my wildest dreams.

And if you haven't gleaned -- it's all derived from my own resurrection from the "Underworld" as it were -- served up hot, alchemized, and emboldened to support you in QUANTUM LEAPING your ability to be prosperous in all ways. 


It's a new frontier.

Tally Ho Wild Heart -


Image via Melodee Solomon


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