Last Call Squad! A Message from Your Headmistress

Beloved Queen --

This is the Final Call for enrollment in this week's flash sale for CONSCIOUS BUSINESS BOOTCAMP.

Ordinarily it's priced at $297, it's definitely worth $497, but it's currently $99.

Which leads me to a note on Intuitive Business that I think we can all relate to.

One of the big "problems" with the imbalance in our world towards the Masculine [distorted, unhealthy, not King energy..] is a lack of vision toward Humans vs Numbers.

Success used to be a game of how hard can you hustle, can you topple the "competition" [lol], how LONG can you work, etc etc

And frankly a lot of people are sick, tired, and barely stringing through life because of this structure and the trickle-down from it.

I believe Female Entrepreneurship is a key antidote and necessary medicine for healing our world. 

Because we come to the table with ninja skills around intuition, deeply feeling and empathy, limitless creative energy [when nourished!], self-care, and respect and reverence for teams, communities, and seeing things others don't.

In short, we are fucking kick ass leaders.

It doesn't mean we don't still need strategy, structure, laser vision, fierce tenacity, clear direction, and delegation abilities -- omg do we need them -- but it does mean nobody wins when we don't see the humans, and only see the numbers.

So just because I could price everything I do at $100,000 or whatever...I don't. 

[Actually, I "Sell" things between $25 and $56,625...and it's really all the same to me -- but in my experience, people love investing at higher levels, they get more from it, and I get to give more. HOWEVER -- sometimes you need to dip your toes in! Have the EXPERIENCE]

Sometimes I get a freaking bee in my bonnet, like last week, from Spirit, being like: people need this. Make it easy. Let it reach all of the humans. Make it super accessible.

So I did! Because.. #listening

I got a message from someone being like:

"Other life coaches charge 3x this!!" [for this $99 flash sale]

And let me be the first to say I'm not a life coach..

I'm a quantum-healing, new paradigm slinging, uplevel and mastery hacking, fierce wealth and leadership conjuring, female ninja priestess of the wild feminine arts and compassionate disruption. OK?

[I know you relate]

BUT also --

Intuition will guide you to great things. [I could also tell you all about the strategy side of things, and maybe I will in another email!]

RULE NUMBER ONE: A queen does not look outside of herself for validation. She does not bend over, lest her crown falls off.

You can hold yourself highest when you LISTEN!

And it always pays off.

PLUS: I truly believe in having accessible offerings [in addition to opulent ones! Always] 

The rules were made to be broken, in my opinion

So you don't need to heed Susie on the internet who says you can't be a millionaire without five funnels, a full-time fb ads guru, and a team of five thousand

I don't drink the kool-aid y'all [I live in North Carolina now..]


Starting now.

Enrollment closes in TWO HOURS!!!!


ZOMG! Love you, you're gonna love it


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