Dear --

The world of FORM can mirror back to us our relationship with the Feminine. 

The Mother is the MATTER.

[She is also the blood and guts of life, the divinity present in all things, the changing of the seasons, the birth and death process of ourselves, of all things, she is the ALL]

The process of BIRTH is calling energy into form, alchemical transmutation which happens in the womb [proverbially speaking, and literally] and is charged by Life Force energy.

It is made possible through the Sacred Union of energies, those which we are bridging within ourselves in myriad ways.

This is also the Alchemy of Sacred Business.

Everyone wants "more money" etc, and it continues to be one of the top selling points for most people's marketing. 

Even if consciously you find it odd, it will lure you in through the process of seducing your lower energetic centers.

Fear. Survival. Desire. Identity. 

But these are distortions of what this energy is really about.


Calling into form that which we birth with our consciousness, with our will, with our intent.

The "control" mechanisms of our world rely on hooking people from these centers, and it is a form of strong manipulation. 

In order to restore the Feminine, we will have to approach life, ourselves, and each other quite differently.

We see this "taking" and "getting" mindset mirrored back to us in the state of the world, and the Earth herself.

Nothing is an accident.

Everything is multi-dimensional.

We are quantum beings, after all.

So CONSCIOUS BUSINESS is not just a catchy phrase I like to throw around because I want to grow my Instagram following or make sure you think I'm cool.

It is inherently bound up with our liberation, and therefore, it is one of the most important parts of our reality, and what I am here to share.

Without restoring the Feminine Principle EVERYWHERE she cannot be fully restored ANYWHERE.

This isn't a half-assed game.

And most of us will have to deprogram what we've learned about building, scaling, and growing a business to restore the humanity, the soul essence, and the Higher Awareness to this process.

If what I am saying speaks to you, deep in your heart, and I sure hope it does, I believe it is time for all of us to paint a new world together.

Will you answer the call?

CONSCIOUS BUSINESS BOOTCAMP is on sale for $99 until the end of the week. You have just a couple days left. 

Grab it here. 

Get going. 


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