On LOVE and COMMUNITY as Tools of the Revolution <3

revolution Sep 16, 2019

[pictured: two dear friends from HIGH SCHOOL at the wedding of our other best friend from HIGH SCHOOL. Because love and sisterhood will actually change the world. New paradigm Sacred Unions dropping in HOT. And a random guy in the background hahahah]

As you know, Beloved One, our world is going through a strange, powerful, harrowing time.

And I want you to know something:

We have so many tools of revolution at our disposal.

"Weapons" of love, if you will.

Things that were deemed powerless or even heretical.

Did you know, during the burning times, one thing that got you deemed a witch was:

Gathering in Circles.

Of women.

Especially at night.

It is with eternal humble gratitude to my ancestors and all who came before us, that today I freely bare my ankles and refuse any man who doesn't honor me.

That I offer healing services for a living, that I am out in the open with my magick, that I let my voice reverberate throughout the world.

I am perpetually brought to my knees with the awareness of this. How lucky we are. Truly I cannot believe it. I can. But I can barely stand the gratitude that I feel -- it nearly explodes me regularly.

I think about my grandmother Phyllis, who was married at 19, and went on to rebel and travel the world: riding camels, riding planes, writing poetry.

But she suffered deeply under the weight of judgment, self-repression, and alcoholism.

I think about my female ancestors 600 years ago, hanging from shackles on the ceiling, imploring me to write and speak [they were hung and killed for this just the same].

So just like you, when I am given opportunities to expand -- I still feel fear.

It's real.

I judge myself for not being perfect. Just like you.

I worry about what people will think of me. Just like you.


I remember.

I remember who stands behind me.

Who stands with me.

What they gave for me and to me.

I remember why I do this work.

Why this work chose me.

And I understand:

The medicine is in the remembrance, the resurrection, and the refusal.

What was "Taken" must be restored -- although

The story is really that we CHOSE in OUR POWER to bring our MAGICK Underground until it was safe to restore it.

That time is now beloved.

It may seem like the Earth is shaking, and it is...

But with the crackling, cackling joy of what is available to us.

An unprecendented time to be alive.

And so we must gather!

At night!

In a circle!

To heal!

And speak!

And share!

To be in community. To be in sisterhood. To rise and release to the fire what once would have burned us.

This is the medicine. This is love, "Weaponized" as truth and the Rising.

We are gathering, dear Sister.

October 27th -31st
Fly into Asheville.
$1700 all inclusive.

You just need to get there!

It is time beloved. Now more than ever.
We must put the screens down.
Come together.
In remembrance.
In power.

In love.

Please book a private call with me here [limited spots available] to ask any questions you have!

I understand it can be scary to sign up for something if you don't feel like you know me, what the space will be like, what the women will be like...

Rest assured it will be the most loving container and I am so ready to serve you!

But please book in here for a chat so I can be a support for your decision.



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