She Who Knows Herself.

you are the spell Sep 11, 2019

The Encoding

She waits for nothing.
The one who wears the crown -
Does not wait -
Does not chase -
Does not worry -
Merely throws her arms
Into the heart of Ecstasy
And welcomes the next chapter
To unfold,
Leaf by Leaf


For it is in the Conjuring That a true Queen is born.
She leaves behind her

A Trail of Smoke
The burning through
And up

of What ONCE was
To part the velvet curtains -
For what shall come.
The one, like a fortress -
Holding Integrity Holding court -
A presence which is known. Drops like a bomb. Drops like a sword.
The one who comes with time.
The one who bides time with clear vision -
And uncalculated devotion.
The one who walks unhindered
Towards the rightful claiming.
The one who claims
With fearless intensity -

Leaving no room for questions.
And infinite space for expression.
A sword called forth -
By the holy blinding light
Of She Who Knows Herself.

An unavoidable magnetism -
An unquestionable occurence
In this, most High Chapter
of Hieros Gamos on Earth.

The restoration:
For when two Sovereigns Collide
An atomic spark is created -
That births the myth of the Christos Illuminated
The sacred Flame
In the Heart of Hearts
The Rose of all Roses
The Chalice of Chalices.
The birth of the River of Light

As coded
In the annals of Time
And the circular knowing of all that is.

It begins at the ending. At the end, it begins.


Alchemical One - Should you wish to further illuminate your powers -
And If I am Speaking to You
Come join me for a deep immersion in the Queenly Arts, this Samhain, in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
October 27th-31st
Please reply to this email for details and to ask any questions you may have.

We have room for 8 more women. This activation will leave you changed, transmuted, and crowned.

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