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gathering of queens Sep 06, 2019

Three KEYS, my QUEEN
Three keys to keeping your Queen energy HIGH -

1. Protect your space. Do not bend over. Your crown will fall. Breaking vows against yourself to receive temporary energetic pleasures from those who cannot meet you is only a disservice to yourself. Learn to respect and honor yourself with such an intensity that you never fear to utter your words of truth. To cast out the shadows of this world requires a fierce and deep initiation into unshakable self-reverence. This is different than self-love in that it is the energy that goes to war for what is in alignment. It is an essence of your inner King energy - protecting the fortress, maintaining the castle, ensuring your Sovereignty. You must first become this for yourself. Do not let subtle or tempting distractions pull you away from the path of higher and deeper awareness of your perfect illumination.

2. Pleasure yourself. Not just physically, but in all sensual ways imaginable. Be in divinely sumptuous environments. Savor your food, your morning cacao, the essential oils in your bath. Dress yourself slowly and luxuriously [for 2 minutes instead of 30 seconds! haha]. Serve yourself with the highest, most potent joy. Pleasure in the way you walk, the words you speak, the intricacies of your human personality. Pleasure yourself in all things, in all ways, as it is the revitalizing source-food for your soul being, and it cannot come from the external. That is simply a fringe benefit. Become so overflowing in your Divine Self-Sourced pleasure that your cauldron bubbleth over. This is the place you can give from, with highest energetic transfer, to infiltrate the consciousness that IS. A deep feminine penetration comes from raucuous joy. A holy form of disruption.

3. Welcome your animal, and invite her to the party. Allow your body to move in unobstructed ways. Take up space. Scream. Dance on your table. Sing into rooms you rarely enter. Shake up the dust. Claim your presence. Remember your holy essence. Let the earth quake beneath you. It is She who remembers, and laughs along with you. Greet your shame with WELCOMING. As you unbind thousands of years of repression, oppression, burning, tar and feathering -- your pleasure, your prosperity, your very DIVINITY are needed. But so many long forgotten parts of you will clamor to the surface screaming that you're wrong. Express them. Move them. Breathe them.

4. Remember that you are a daughter of the MOST HIGH AND HOLY BENEVOLENT QUEEN IN THIS IMAGINABLE UNIVERSE AND ALL COSMOS BEYOND. You are an arm of that which breathes life into being. Do not deny yourself this understanding. That which you are afraid of should really be afraid of you.

For deeper initiations and activations [and further practical awarenesses --]

Come journey with me this Samhain:



OCTOBER 27th [6pm Start] - October 31st [Noon checkout] [optional evening gathering in Asheville for Samhain]

FLY // DRIVE INTO: Asheville, NC

Retreat includes all meals, lodging, all workshops, group work, and healing.

You just need to get there! We are taking care of the rest.


We are extremely privileged to be staying on 63 acres of blessed and charged land, backed up to 100 acres of national forest. There are abundant rivers, waterfalls, fairy glens, and hiking trails.

We have multiple fire pits, a huge group yurt space, and the home itself is owned and stewarded by a group that works directly with the Dalai Lama.

We have an infrared sauna and a jacuzzi tub.

To say it's going to be absolutely incredible would be an understatement!


Adding to this: the Blue Ridge Mountains are some of the oldest in the world. The area has a DISTINCT maternal energy.

We will be working three areas:





We will be engaging in:

Daily [sometimes 2x] Breathwork
Daily Yoga [Day 1: Hatha // Grounding. Day 2: Vinyasa // Activating. Day 3: Kundalini // Expanding.]
Extensive group work, journey work, and working with the land
Herbal medicine work
Activation of the VOICE and CREATIVE ENERGY


And lastly,

Of course -

Reclaiming the "Witch" or Wild Woman within you.

If you know you're a YES -- claim your SPOT NOW! With your whole presence. And trust the unfolding...

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