Taking a Leap of Faith

Uncategorized Jun 26, 2019

One thing many people don't discuss in regards to walking the path of Feminine Mastery, is the work that must be done to be in alliance with the Wild Unknown.

One does not know herself as Priestess until she bravely walks into the fire, understanding that the journey of becoming is one of BURNING OFF what no longer belongs, especially of the personality structure.

All of the fear and limitation we battle with is actually a complex web [when I read energy, it looks like a structure, with dynamic surfaces, layers, and years of strengthening things which perhaps "shouldn't" be strengthened] that must dissolve in order to liberate the essential Self.

This cobweb-like structuring is much like internal mechanisms that parasites use to protect themselves.

When we come to understand that our defense mechanisms must die in order for us to truly be born -- we understand the Leap of Faith.

As much as I would love it to always be about riding off into the sunset on a white horse [or a badass motorcycle] there are nuances to welcoming the unknown that must be addressed.

1. You are not always going to feel certain. Disregard this. It is mostly your mind. You must FEEL YOUR WAY INTO KNOWING. It is the only way. You must STOP denying your heart. IT IS THE TRUTH.

2. You cannot make a wrong decision. If you are meant to experience something -- you will. And it will be better than you could have possibly imagined, I can assure you. But it requires this perspective. Take the example of a woman leaving her marriage. It could be the worst time of her life, or the best, most renewing period she's ever been through. Great challenge is rewarded with great freedom -- and more expansion than our feeble human minds can really fathom.

3. You must not go alone. Do not claim the lone wolf. Do not believe you are a special snowflake who only gets along with herself. Our lesson here is love. It always has been. The only way your people can find you, love you, co-create with you, support you, and help you remember what family is -- is when you show up and ask for help. Lean in. Your wounding can only mostly be healed in community. There are periods of aloneness, yes, but the true healing happens when you are WITNESSED. Do not forget this. Let go of denying this. 

4. The greatest chapters of your life will often come from what you believe to be "mistakes". It is only when the heart is shaken that it can open wider. It is only when we are stretched that we can known how big we truly are. It is only through being tested that we understand true bravery. And it is only through true vulnerability that we are truly, finally, fully living.

And so it is with this invitation that I wish to remind you, welcome you, invite you -- to become even more of who you truly are. There is no greater gift you could give to the world, or to yourself...truly. 

There are just 48 hours left to enroll in INFINITE ABUNDANCE AND GODDESS CONSCIOUSNESS.

This is a powerful group, and something unlike anything else I've done. We have a group space off of Facebook to stay connected throughout, and it functions more like a high-level group mastermind than a course. We will journey together for two months, and I can assure you, you will be a changed woman. Dare I say -- it might be the best summer of your life. 

Check out the details here. Read between the lines. What I do cannot always be put into words. I hope you can feel that. 

If you are ready to take the leap but still have questions, feel free to hit reply. If you prefer to have a quick chat, book 15 minutes here

We begin on Monday, but a preliminary energy healing and breathwork session is taking place tomorrow that I don't want you to miss.

Remember, you will always know the right choice by how it feels. Not the stories of your mind. When you leap, you will always be supported. Truly. You can trust the Universe. 

In endless love


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