The 2019 Cosmic Queen Holiday Gift Guide + Last Call

holiday gift guide Dec 02, 2019

Hello Gorgeous

I have a treat for you.

Well, lots really.

But this year we have a gorgeously designed-out Holiday Gift Guide, including some of my fave things, low end to high end, for all of the Queens in your life [including yourself!]

You can snag it here.

I promise you'll love it.

I also want to remind you:

You are beautiful.

You are loved.

You survived your family gathering last week [potentially!]

And 2020 is a beautiful year.

Ring in the end of this DECADE by loving on yourself as much as you possibly can.

Create boundaries. Create structure for yourself. Take up a new hobby. Return to your favorite creative practice. Invest in a really fluffy blanket. Get clear on your desires. Cut out toxic thoughts, behaviors, and humans. Look at where you've BEEN a toxic human.

Upgrade your batteries, your mindset, and your heart.

We are crossing into new territory, and the most important thing you can do is CELEBRATE YOU!

As will be revealed over the coming months, false authority is no authority at all. Influence does not indicate integrity. Power does not come from manipulation.

What is gained through false power will always leave.

Learn how to activate your Queendom with the GORGEOUS Cosmic BABE Holiday Bundle!

It's $297 for 5 courses that are well-LOVED!

30+ hours of content and downloads.

Very very well worth-it.

Most of my courses are upwards of $1000 [and well worth it, too....I don't f*ck around.]

So this is a great chance to snag something to dip your toes in and do the WERK!

Bonus: If you are an on-the-fencer, this is your last call.

Program yourself for Queen-Level greatness. Listen to the videos while you drive, while you clean, while you cook, while you Christmas shop, soak in the energy. Journal. Do the work. Let yourself grow.


>> Click here for details on the COSMIC BABE HOLIDAY BUNDLE  <<



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