The Power of the Sacred Feminine with Alana Fairchild

womanuntamed Jun 11, 2019
I am literally bursting at the seams with excitement to share this episode with you! The infamous Alana Fairchild is on Woman Untamed today for a lovely and sacred conversation on all things Divine Feminine...

The Power of the Sacred Feminine with Alana Fairchild
Waking up to Your Sacred Power and Trusting Your Wisdom
Today we welcome the legendary Alana Fairchild, world-renowned spiritual teacher and best-selling author, for a conversation about the path of the Sacred Feminine. Tune in for remarkable insight on how to integrate these Divine teachings throughout your entire life in order to awaken power, intuition, creativity, and a deep sense of purpose.
Learn more about Alana's upcoming events, online training, and new book, "The Kuan Yin Transmission™," here:

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