This is probably blocking you. [I'm not just saying that..]

Uncategorized Aug 15, 2019

Divine Being,

There is such a vast program at play. And this Full Moon will illuminate it for you!

It's the one where you feel that everything is possible for everyone else, that things just aren't working out for you, that the future is grim, and that it's not okay for you to be happy or abundant when the world looks like it's going to shit.

Take a moment to ponder that, because it runs deep in all of us.

In fact, it has been strategically placed in front of us, around us, for all of our lives.

It's the narrative of disempowerment.

And by the power of all that is holy in heels,

It is time to disrupt and dissolve it.

Eventually you have to ask yourself the question --

Does life just happen to you, chaotically, without any participation on your behalf?

Or do you take ownership of your Goddess-Given abilities to create, conjure, manifest, and blow the roof off this house?

There isn't really an in between.


Your soul will pull you toward your Goddess nature.

Your lower "self" will throw tantrums and tell you that you need to be SAFE by being INVISIBLE and keeping things how they ARE.

That you are a victim.

I can barely type that word because it's so programmed with so much.

Seriously. And this "pulling party" is what creates the chaos in your life. The feast or famine. The lush abundance and the desert highways.

Our collective has been saturated with stories, manipulations, and programs to prevent us from awakening.

It's the PERFECT game, in my opinion, to become powerful with integrity.

You know what false power looks like.

You only need turn on the news.

This doesn't mean it's not safe for you to be powerful.

It means it's time to show up with a new kind of power.

Integrated, compassionate, awake, alive, vibrating, intentional,


Dear would you be ready to go on this journey?

Of shaking yourself loose from the shackles?

I can't imagine a better thing to do with your time.

But then again, I've devoted my life to it.

What are you willing to let go of, and FINALLY SEE who you TRULY ARE? What is your ROLE in this COLLECTIVE uprising?

Your choices ripple out and enliven everything else.

Is it time?

I see you.

And when you finally awaken from the slumber of "not enough" and realize how much of an insult that is to the TRUTH of you...

You won't be able to stop laughing..



And showing up to spread the good news.

Enrollment for THE PRIESTESS JUMPOFF closes tomorrow.

I wouldn't wait...


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