Last Call Squad! A Message from Your Headmistress

Beloved Queen --

This is the Final Call for enrollment in this week's flash sale for CONSCIOUS BUSINESS BOOTCAMP.

Ordinarily it's priced at $297, it's definitely worth $497, but it's currently $99.

Which leads me to a note on Intuitive Business that I think we can all relate to.

One of the big "problems" with the imbalance in our world towards the Masculine [distorted, unhealthy, not King energy..] is a lack of vision toward Humans vs Numbers.

Success used to be a game of how hard can you hustle, can you topple the "competition" [lol], how LONG can you work, etc etc

And frankly a lot of people are sick, tired, and barely stringing through life because of this structure and the trickle-down from it.

I believe Female Entrepreneurship is a key antidote and necessary medicine for healing our world. 

Because we come to the table with ninja skills around intuition, deeply feeling and empathy, limitless creative energy [when nourished!], self-care, and respect and reverence for teams,...

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I did a thing! For you!<3

Hey Lovely,
With everything that's happening in the world, it can feel easy to get overwhelmed! Or frustrated. Or angry. Or ... crying on the floor!

I get it. 

For we sensitive folks with woken hearts, it's never easy to come face-to-face with some of the deeper pain this world is experiencing.

Especially because misalignment is never just outside of us.

We always get to examine the ways in which we, too, might be participating. 

I get that it can seriously pull on your heartstrings, beautiful and I'm right there with you!

But this is where we have a powerful invitation into Feminine Mastery.

And the art of Alchemy.

Taking our rage, frustration, grief, all of our emotions -- and transmuting them into creativity, healing, and action.

If you have been hearing the call to FINALLY birth your work into the world [I really can't imagine how you could wait much longer!! Seriously babe.]

Or... to grow your presence!

Because: you deserve to be heard, your contribution is important, and...
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