I can't apologize for this

conscious business Oct 03, 2019



If you overtly or covertly still hate men, blame men, disregard men, or emasculate men — you lose all of your power.
For the Masculine within you requires acknowledgment, integration, and yes, love, in order for you to truly walk as a fully embodied human.
Otherwise, your "healing" is an atrophied farce, a shell, a performance.
To walk the Divine Feminine path is not to disregard the King energy - quite the opposite in fact.
And you will feel this. To walk as Priestess, Empress, Queen, whatever archetypal or tangible energy you resonate with, will require you to stalk all of your shadows, go hunting for the places where you are still willingly throwing your energy away.
Your hatred, blame, emasculation of men is also why you can’t hold a container, be decisive, actually change your life, or shift your financial circumstances.
Your penetrative energy is required to support the expansion of your Feminine...
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