Let's talk about Love Addiction

sex addiction Sep 27, 2019

From my desk this morning -

Our culture, our society, our wounding, is perfectly orchestrated to drive people into all forms of addiction.

Especially Love Addiction.

[It often goes hand-in-hand with // is co-mingled with Sex Addiction, or the complex behavioral and neurological patterns therein]

Love Addiction is one of the primary driving forces I see that prevents us from reaching our greatest heights.

It looks like becoming wholly preoccupied with obtaining an experience outside of yourself, a person, a sexual achievement, an identity — and losing track of evolving your own life because of it.

Romance novels are still the top selling books in our world.

Anywhere you look in the media, you will find narratives [overt and covert] driving people towards anything and everything outside of themselves to solve their problems.

But most consistently: romantic and sexual love.

The messages about beauty?

They’re really there with the undertone of, "if you don’t do this,...

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