Primal and Primary Initiations into the Untamed Presence ... and Prosperity

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We will be meeting 5 times for 5 different activations. You will need to be on this list to receive access details for each one. 

We begin on 10.10.19

Our studies together will include:

-- Sacred Wealth Creation and the Economics of Exchange: Circular Prosperity, Deprogramming, and the True Meaning of Money

-- Light Leadership and Divine Mastery of the Soul Self: Holding Space, Creating Group Programs, Getting Your Ego out of the Way

-- Working for the Universe and Marketing for the Occasion: Writing and Speaking and Manifesting

-- Inner Alignment and Alchemy through Sacred Union: Bringing together your Higher Abilities with Grounded and Practical Awareness for Sacred Success

-- Structures, Systems, and Sword-Fighting: Integrating Mature Masculine Essence to Build and Scale

These five pillars are just the beginning - but I can assure you this is life-changing information and will help you to radically shift your mindset, your frequency, and your ability to show up and create. 

Most importantly, it will dramatically change the way you look at receiving money and stewarding your power.

Come on in!


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