About Robin

Robin is a serial entrepreneur, master healer, writer, and keeper of the Feminine Mysteries. She has an M.A. from the American University of Paris, where she lived for several years and worked as a fashion journalist [also, attended circus school briefly].

She has an EXTENSIVE background in marketing, branding, building, and scaling from both consulting at startups and doing her own thangs. She has been in many board meetings with very important men and found great pleasure in negotiating in a great outfit. She launched the Babe Collective as a digital offering in July of 2016 and successfully scaled to five figure months in just over a year. From the beginning, she was hitting $4k/$5k months. She knows a heck of a lot about the structural and tech side of things, but also knows how to keep a babe aligned with her feminine energy.

She teaches women how to transcend trauma, alchemize their pain, fear, and rage into meaningful action, and how to lead with light, heart, and fierce compassion so we can create a world of Bad Ass Beauties Elevating Society [#babes]. In particular, she loves to blast through the worthiness and sisterhood wounds that we all carry, collectively, to detonate the patriarchy. She has been working privately with women for 6 years, and she knows her shit.

She lives in magical New Mexico with her boyfriend and eats a lot of avocados.

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